These cuddly fur-babies are all hypoallergenic non-shedding toy / tiny to small dog size. Everyone just loves them, soft cuddly and so smart!

Westies are also hypoallergenic, they have¬†their own page ūüôā

We only have a few litters a year of Designer Poodle cross puppies; Teddy Bear (Shichon/Poodle), or Maltipoo (Maltese/Poodle). Once a year we have a litter of AKC poodle puppies, and /or a litter of purebred Maltese puppies available.

See below for availability of puppies.

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A puppy is a very serious decision. 10 to 14, or more years of care and companionship. These puppies all have long coats that require regular grooming, both brushing and trimming. Please do not get a puppy, or a dog if you have any hesitation about long term responsibility of a furry best friend, including coat care. We love our puppies and dogs and only want them in a home where they will be a part of the family! View our To Get A Puppy or Not page for more information on if you are ready to own a puppy.

Many make terrific therapy dogs. Plus being hypoallergenic they are tolerated by most people even if they are allergic to dogs.

Current Litters listed below! All hypoallergenic!

Any of our hypoallergenic puppies adopted for a pet and on agreement to be spayed or neutered between 5 and 6 months of age are $1400, and for blue merle color are $1600. Puppies are kept current on vaccinations and microchipped.

Angel and Moses have 2 female purebred Maltese puppies! Born 12-14-19.

Angel is a terrific mom and the puppies are doing great. Even as newborns their tiny bit of fur is silky soft!

Both available at the time of this update.

Mari, AKC tiny toy blue merle poodle, and AKC Maltese Moses, have Maltipoo puppies! Born 12-27-19

All are white with blue merle patches of color. Super cute. This is Maris first litter and she is doing a terrific job with her new babies.

Photos at 4 days old! 2 males available at the time of this update.

Moms due!

Eleanor and Emma live in a foster to adopt home (sometimes called guardianship home) with Tara. They are both expecting puppies in February! Eleanor has been bred to Cappuccino for 3/4 poodle puppies. Emma has been bred to Moses for Maltipoo puppies with sprinkles! (Shichon!)

See the Cavapoo page for other soft furry puppies. (Cavapoo, unlike stated by poor quality breeders, are not hypoallergenic. Both parents must be all hypoallergenic breeds for the puppies to be hypoallergenic.)

Not all the puppies and dogs posted live with Art and I. Several live in another home as a pet on a foster to adopt agreement.  We have a large family and everyone likes something different!

We do all the overseeing of health care, advertising and posting of available puppies even if the mom's live in another home when not raising puppies. Puppies are almost always raised here including. Both parents are available to meet if you visit. We do not broker puppies.

Slide show are past puppies of Ellie's, Eleanor's; Shichonpoo. Also Fancy and Angel's; Maltipoo puppies.

History of our first hypoallergenic Mom's; Angel, and Ellie! And new Maltese Dad, Moses!  are on the poodle parent page with the Poodles .)