These cuddly fur-babies are all hypoallergenic non-shedding toy / tiny to small dog size. Everyone just loves them, soft cuddly and so smart!

Westies are also hypoallergenic, they have¬†their own page ūüôā

We only have a few litters a year of Designer Poodle cross puppies; Teddy Bear (Shichon/Poodle), or Maltipoo (Maltese/Poodle). Once a year we have a litter of AKC poodle puppies, and /or a litter of purebred Maltese puppies available.

See below for availability of puppies.

See the other pages, on tabs above for more information.

A puppy is a very serious decision. 10 to 14, or more years of care and companionship. These puppies all have long coats that require regular grooming, both brushing and trimming. Please do not get a puppy, or a dog if you have any hesitation about long term responsibility of a furry best friend. We love our puppies and dogs and only want them in a home where they will be a part of the family! View our To Get A Puppy or Not page for more information on if you are ready to own a puppy.

Many make terrific therapy dogs. Plus being hypoallergenic they are tolerated by most people even if they are allergic to dogs.

Current Litters with available puppies, listed below! All hypoallergenic!

Ellie (see her slide show below) and AKC Cappuccino, (on poodle parent page) just  had 3 black and white female puppies, and 1 blue merle and white male, and a solid blue merle male! 10-24-19.

2 black and white girls, and both boys are available at the time of this update. Deposit needed to hold a puppy.

Any of our hypoallergenic puppies adopted for a pet and on agreement to be spayed or neutered between 5 and 6 months of age are $1400, and for blue merle color are $1600. Puppies are kept current on vaccinations and microchipped.

Moms due!

Angel had come in season (she is very clean, and it was a silent heat.) She has been kenneled with Moses and Art just told me they were tied 10-13-19, so we are now expecting purebred Maltese puppies to be born in December.

Mari, tiny toy blue merle poodle, has come in season and bred to Moses, due to have Maltipoo puppies in December.

Eleanor and Emma live in a foster to adopt home (sometimes called guardianship home) with Tara. Ellie lives here full time. She is one of Art's favorite and his travel companion.

Photos and information on Maltese and Shichon parents is at the bottom of the page. Poodle parents on the poodle parent page.

See the Cavapoo page for other soft furry puppies. (Cavapoo, unlike often stated by poor quality breeders, are not hypoallergenic. Both parents must be all hypoallergenic breeds for the puppies to be hypoallergenic.)

Not all the puppies and dogs posted are mine and Art's, or if ours, may live in another home as a pet on a foster to adopt agreement  We have a large family and everyone likes something different! We do all the overseeing of health care, advertising and posting of available puppies even if they are in another home. They are able to be viewed here including their parents. We do not broker puppies.

Slide show are past puppies of Ellie's, and Eleanor's.

Eleanor, is daughter to Ellie (below) and AKC Poodle, Bubba, (on poodle parent page.) She has a CGC certificate already and is well on her way to be a therapy dog.

History of our first hypoallergenic Mom's; Angel, and Ellie! And new Maltese Dad, Moses! (Poodles on poodle parent page.)


Renee Art's sister wants to keep Angel.

Angel is a purebred Maltese, only weighs 5 pounds and is grown. APRI registered. Sire is APRI, with a very nice pedigree.

The Maltese are full of themselves and so tiny. Perfect for those who want a really small dog that has some spunk, crossed with poodle they are much easier to housebreak and just as spunky and fun. They also Love to be lap dogs! Angel can sit on my lap for hours.

Angel thinks she is a princess, only under Jasmine, our spayed pet Pomeranian Queen Bee, who believes she is Art's bodyguard. She loves children!

We thought Westies had sass! Angel at 3 months and 1.5 pounds was going to take down a German Shepherd who "invaded her home". Granted she had to start at the dogs' toes, since that was all that could fit in her mouth, but bite her toes she did!¬†Dixie, the Shepherd, was curious, but not impressed, and tried not to step on her. ūüôā

She has since learned its not polite to try and chase visiting dogs out of the house. Once grown she is now terrific with other dogs, even strange dogs and is just an absolute sweetheart. She loves children!

After watching her I now understand how there are so many tiny terrors in the dog world with people who have no idea what to do, or mistakenly think its "cute". Angel was reprimanded for acting so rude, and is now a perfect little lady.

At our home us people get to decide if visitors are welcome, instead of the dogs. I think life runs a bit smoother this way.

How Angel came to be "one of the pack."

When got Angel she was almost dead, and only 12 days old. We heard of her distress through someone looking to buy a motorcycle from Art. We insisted they take the pup to a vet for care. Their vet said she was "fine" and didn't do anything to help, despite the fact the puppy was crying and had not wanted to nurse in over 12 hours at that point! Just because someone is a Vet does not mean they are good at their job. 3 of the 8 puppies in the litter had already died  before we heard about them. It was so sad!

I explained she was going to die if she wasn't treated. They said she had not been nursing in over 14 hours, and was crying non-stop and getting weak. I offered to take the puppy and try to save her. They agreed to bring her to me.

A few hours later a limp half-dead puppy was placed in my hand. She was a fat puppy, but limp as a dishrag, and had terrible yellow foamy diarrhea. In addition to those obvious signs for alarm they said she would still not nurse, and had been now crying piteously for almost 18 hours by the time they brought her to us! She was so weak she was no longer crying.

Our vet is much better and will treat tiny babies with antibiotics, as that is what she needed. I had to tube feed her milk and antibiotics, as she was too weak to even swallow without risk of aspirating.

After a week she could take a bottle and was on the mend.

We ended up purchasing the puppy to keep her from going back to where she had come from. 3 of her litter-mates had died before we got her, and they had not taken them to the vets. The acquaintance who was the one who had helped little angel find her way to us had also said Angel's mom was so matted the groomer had told the family it was actual neglect. The 5 pound matted mom is was allowed to roam the neighborhood without supervision as a normal occurrence! 

Needless to say I was very attached to the baby after feeding her every 2 to 4 hours around the clock for weeks and wanted her safe.

Maltese are a bit difficult to housebreak and she is unfortunately not an exception. She may be worse because sometimes antibiotics on a small puppy can cause mild kidney problems. (not hereditary but more an injury from antibiotics) She will still have accidents at 10 months of age. Much better then she had been. It is our fault too as we are use to our easy to housebreak dogs and did not watch her nearly as well as we should. The cross with another breed, particularly a poodle is much easier too housebreak.


Angel, at the dirt bike race we took her and Bubba, when he was just a little pup. 

Angel was fine until the start of the race when all the bikes went quite, then all started and took off in a thunderous roar. The sudden noise frightened her. By the end of the day she was good with it. Jenny, Hunters beautiful mom, was so happy I brought puppies for them to play with. Angel and Bubba loved all the attention and cuddling! 

Photos from the race and other random times. Some with her "asian style of grooming I tried out on her! All in the slide show above.

Aryne had decided she loves the tiny dog the very most. She had Angel, Moses and Mari at her home more often then not. They still spend time here too. Along with her tiny poodle boy Sonny. Update: Aryne moved to a place she can only have 3 dogs so Moses Mari and Angel all moved back here. Renee, Art's sister has agreed to help care for them and give them the attention they need.


Ellie is a "Shichon" a cross of Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu.

I personally think they are a bit slow on the uptake, but it is one of the reasons they are so sweet. They don't chew things up, they don't get bored and creative in finding things to do, (like opening cabinet doors...). Ellie will take a piece of dog food and play with it on the floor. Everyone who meets her loves her.

My oldest daughter in FL wanted a super easy dog who could tolerate being home most of the day by itself and picked this breed combination. We found the puppy for her, a friend who has small hypoallergenic dogs and does the first generation cross with AKC parents. Ellie is just a doll, only 8.5 pounds and sweet as can be.

Unfortunately my daughters life had a big upheaval and she had no quality time for Ellie. We brought Ellie to our home when she was a year old. She sleeps with us since she was accustomed to sleeping with my daughter. She is so easy, just sleeps there and doesn't ever wake any one up, plus can sleep longer in the morning then either Art or I! She's the last one up! 

Art felt sorry for Ellie who had not been around other dogs and was terrified of them. He made a point of giving her extra attention. He started taking her in the car and she travels so well he has made her his traveling companion. She has gone on quite a few long road trips with him, always well behaved. Since she doesn't shed you don't have to worry about hair on your clothes while traveling (if that is something that may bother you.) Since she is also hypoallergenic she isn't a problem for relatives who have dog allergies either.

After several months of living here she now great with dogs and plays with them.

The Shichon coat is so fine it seems to always want to tangle unless kept very short, or brushed very often. Not a combination for someone who wants low care coat. It also grows really fast.

Crossed with poodle the puppies are  very easy to keep groomed! In addition Shih Tzu have a reputation of being difficult to housebreak, the poodle cross with them alleviates that problem as well. Ellie had not been correctly house trained to start, and took a very long time to re-train. Bubba, the poodle, even being a stud dog is very well housebroken and better then she is.

The poodle cross puppies are easy to train and both parents love children, get along with all the other dogs and animals on the farm, plus have wonderful coats, sweet personalities and are just adorable!

Our first litter, 2 of the boys were adopted each by¬†relatives who¬†accompanied ¬†families who came to see westies, and did put a deposit down for a westie. The relatives then decided they had to have a teddy bear themselves! They are just that cute, soft and snuggly ūüôā

Aryne kept a black female, Eleanor, who we now have in a foster to adopt home. Aryne had moved and could only have 2 dogs where she lives at the time. The family adores her! They loved her so much they wanted another. So they also have Emma a beautiful daughter of Ellie and Cappuccino, from Ellies next litter. Aryne has moved again and can have her dogs but the family is in love with Eleanor so she will stay with them and Aryne took Angle and Mari to her home. 

These puppies have just great personalities, super coats that are much easier care then a purebred poodle, or shichon. 

Art's sister has had a battle with cancer. He goes over to visit them as often as he can, always bringing Ellie with him. Ellie is the only dog his sister has allowed in the house. Ellie just adores Dan, and immediately won him over. Dan keeps treats on hand just for her! She gets so excited to see him its the cutest thing ever!

 She is such a good girl his sister now even loves her. Ellie has been a boost of happiness for them in this rough patch. When she is feeling better Art has very generously offered for them to have Ellie if they would like. Ellie adores Art as much as he adores her, but she is so thrilled so to see Dan that she would be very happy with them. Dogs are a proven stress reliever and joy for people that if they decide they would like Ellie I am all for spreading our furry friends to those most in need.

'Moses' is what we are calling, AKC Maltese, Bancrofts Billy.

"Moses" is available to a pet home. Aryne is no longer able to keep any dogs but her 3 at her home. He is very gentle, and sweet. He loves attention!

Past history how we got him below;

Aryne and I purchased the new AKC male Maltese, Moses, to breed to Mari, the tiny toy poodle for Maltipoo puppies.

He was flown here 11-15-18.  She said he has good patellas, and heart checks are good. (Update: We have since had him checked by a cardiologist and he has an OFA certified heart. 1 of the 2 things Maltese are suppose to be checked for, heart and patellas. Angle is also OFA certified for heart.)

When he arrived he is Adorable! but not 6.5 pounds. He is 8 pounds, has a terrible ear infection, and the skin between his back toes is all irritated, he has stained his back feet very dark red/black from licking and chewing on his feet constantly. I have never seen feet stained so dark from saliva. He must have had an untreated problem a long time. He is also scared to death, but very sweet!

Face picture is day we got him. His face also had a lot of stains by his mouth and eyes. Body photo on a growing stand is what was on the ad for him, and the only photo she said she had. His fur on his feet were a black and brown color from chewing on them so much from what I think was a fungal infection.

He is our newest addition to Aryne's home. Mari, our 5 pound tiny toy poodle is to small to breed to Bubba for poodles, or to a cavalier for cavapoo puppies. Since she is merle color she can not be bred to Cappuccino, as 2 merle color dogs should not be bred together.

We have so many calls for hypoallergenic Maltipoo puppies we figured a little 6.5 pound maltese boy would be a perfect husband for Mari. And Aryne just loves tiny dogs, plus is less dogs for us to care for here. ūüôā

Update 12-9-18. Moses is coming out of his shell! Aryne just loves him, he is sweet, and very quiet. He gets so happy when he sees her, or she talks to him he wiggles all over. For anyone else he still runs and hides, or rolls over on his back very submissive. Poor guy was very under socialized. She brings him over more and more now so he can get socialized with more people and new places now that he is doing so much better for her.

He looks SO much better then when we first got him!

We treated his feet and the new hair underneath the yucky stained almost black hair is coming in white. He no longer obssess about his feet. Poor guy's feet were driving him crazy! Once the hair has had time to grown we will be able to cut off all the stained fur and he will have white feet again. They do still tend to lick their feet when they go outside and get wet in the dew so white dogs often have a bit off color feet from saliva stains, and tear stains are also typical.