We care about our dogs and their puppies!

If you love to cuddle with a super sweet dog who loves everybody, likes to play and go for walks, you like long coats, but you don't want to groom much Cavaliers are the perfect dog for you! 
Our Cavaliers are health tested, Champion bloodlines, top quality, yet we keep them affordable for families wanting a healthy best friend. Some may be available for show prospects also. 
Cavaliers are not destructive, and are very good at entertaining themselves with a toy or another puppy, and happy to sit for hours on the couch with you. Excellent dogs for small, or large apartments/homes.

Our puppies are all born in our home, under very close supervision. "Deposit information," "What comes with your puppy," "FAQ" and "To get a puppy or not," along with tabs for other pages above, please check them out. A puppy is a very serious decision. Please do not get a puppy or a dog if you have any hesitation about long term responsibility of a furry best friend.

Some of the parents and grandparents photos and OFA certificates are on the parent page, (Orthopedic Foundation Association) for patellas, hips, hearts, and eyes as recommended by the breed club. I am still working on getting them all uploaded to the new website.

See moms due below for AKC Cavaliers due to be born. 

Natalie (black and tan) and  Zander (blenheim) had puppies. 8-27-19

All the puppies are spoken for.

We don't have any puppies due at this time. We had hoped Lana would have puppies with Zander, but she's not pregnant. We will have more Cavalier puppies this spring/su,,er. Just waiting for Sophie, or Natalie to come in season. Should be soon.

Mom's Due! 

See parent page for photos and information about the parents. 

~Sorry no puppies due at this time~

Puppies adopted for a pet and on agreement to be spayed or neutered between 5 and 6 months of age are $1400., which includes microchipping and current vaccinations.

We have cava-poo puppies occasionally available. Please see the Cavapoo page, for information. (Also called cavoodles, cava-poo, cavdoodle, and cavadoodle) 

Slide show photos are some of our past puppies over the years. 🙂