Retired Breeder & Adult Dogs Available for Adoption

Adult dogs are often ideal for mature adults who dont have the energy or desire needed to train a puppy.

We have several adults; Several French Bulldogs, a Westie and 3 cavaliers who will be available in 2023! (See below)

Please email if interested in one of our future adult dogs. The rescue page needs updating! We do have 2 chocolate lab girls, 5 years in March 2023 who really need a home!! We do have rescued cats and kittens who need homes! Some were in very dire need when they came here. 

We had a call about a westie at the dog pound from the microchip. She is available, read below.

Sadly her owner passed away and family didn't keep her, or apparently know we will always take our dogs back to contact us. She probably wasn't kept because poor quality vet diagnosis (including at the APA who said she had a UTI, yet were not even giving her meds.... The APA is not what the advertisements make them out to be.) The owner records show the owner cared for her really well, just the vet didnt diagnose her properly. They did not realize she had bladder stones, so she was probably treated for chronic UTI's, and probably peed often.

We used to feed Fromm dog food and had several dogs of different breeds develop bladder stones. Since we have switched feed we have not had the problem at all. (We learned Diamond brand also has a history of dogs developing stones, something about salt). Stones are not an issue on the east coast, nor dental disease, so hard water in the midwest must also contribute to the problems?

She is 8.5 and was born when we were feeding Fromm. Her owner may have kept her on that food, many people feed the same brand for life. We have no way to know. She is social, sweet, and once she got over kennel cough from being in the the pound she has become more active and not acting so depressed. Shes a bit shy around our loud kids. Her father is Magnum and I have heard from his family and he is doing terrific living a long life. I have not heard from her mothers family. Many of our westies live 13 to 16 years.

We took her to have surgery 3/16/23 to remove the stones. The vet saw no other issue, doesn't not expect them to return (if not fed a food that adds to stone formation.) She is $350. to adopt, heartworm negative, spayed and current on vaccinations. Crate trained, walks well on a leash. Shes a bit chunky so could use more exercise. I can not say how well she is housebroken due to the kennel cough we had to keep her crated so she did to have direct contact with the other dogs. Incredibly, thankfully! no one caught the cold. I dont have photos, please plan to meet her in person if interested, or bug me a lot to take photos.

3/17/23 Its 3am I couldn't sleep but am too tired to think enough to post details on our retiring dogs.

We became foster/adoptive parents in 2021 and, Art has had health issues since 2020. We have had to hire lots more outside help to keep up with the dogs and farm. My brain is chronic mush now. I had no idea parenting was going to require me being physically gone with so many appointments, constant mental work to be a better parent/person, plus the needed constant supervision would prevent my normal work pattern. (My "normal" working as much as 2, or 3 people daily is down to one normal persons workload. My grown kids pointed out years ago I must have undiagnosed ADHD, and be a workaholic. Who knew?) Art's working has stopped. We did the foster parent training Arts health issues seemed temporary, long story how we decided to be parents again. He had recovered a few months between gallbladder surgery and developing abdominal hernias, which was the time we added children to our home. Since then he has had mesh put in, mesh taken out, chronic pain, and has not been able to physically help with work, home, or physical child care. Children are such a blessing, we would not go back to the simple life we had. As difficult as it is transitioning for us, it is a walk in the park on a perfect day compared to what kids worry/think about. Please support parents, and give grace to those having a hard time. The nations/worlds very broken system is not protecting children, or their struggling parents who were not protected when they were children themselves. Humans learn what to do from their experiences. No one is prefect (my teens then, and now would be happy to point out my flaws!! Its ok, we all have flaws...) If you're struggling, please ask for help, and keep asking for help until you get what you need.

Some reading this may have lost their furry best friend. Our dogs (cats too) really are family. Loss is miserable. I have so many people write, or call thinking they are weird because of how much grief they are feeling. Its not weird at all, our best furry best friends are a big chunk of love. They are not replaceable. But adding a new dog too love is like sunshine peeking through the clouds after a storm. 🙂

We have several Frenchie moms retiring in 2023. Cookie fawn, Nakia and Naklia black, Gigi brindle, Mya brindle and Sweatmeat pied brindle are all 4 turning 5 years old sometime this year.

I am terrible at getting photos. Please plan to make an appointment to meet them in person if interested, or be persistent in asking for photos until I manage to get them..... Our vet has been backed up about spay appointments, and a couple of them we plan to breed one more time before they are 5 the end of this year. Sweatmeat is the oldest of the group, so is available as soon as we can get her spayed. Or if you prefer your vet to spay we can adopt them out sooner and take off $200. of the adoption fee. They are $800. to $1400. plus tax.

We also have several Cavaliers retiring. Our dogs annual health clinic is 4-16-23 this year. Cavaliers can develop a heart murmur (most will, but it may be much later in life). It is a breed problem. We have a cardiologist exam them yearly and those who have developed a murmur are retired. We retire all the moms at 6 years old even if they dont have a murmur. Since you want them to make 5 to 6 years before they develop a murmur we prefer to breed at around 6 years old the last time, since it is the only way to increase breeds future heart quality, by more pups from parents who have the best hearts. We may adopt sooner if you would like your vet to do the spay and dental. We would take $300 off the $650. adoption fee. (keep in mind our vet fees for dental and spay are probably much less then your vet may charge.)

Read the cavalier parent page for more information on hearts. 3/17/23;

Sweetie Pie Blenheim may be pregnant ready after weaning pups, or sooner if not pregnant. Nellie black and tan, if she passes her heart exam we will breed one more time in the fall. Pretty Girl Blenheim just raised puppies waiting for the April clinic and she is available after the clinic. They are all 6, or going to be 6 this year. Natalie black and tan hopefully pregnant due in May, is 6 but she has a deposit to hold her, if she is ready before the family is moving. They may adopt another if shes not ready before the move.

I retire all our mom dogs after several years of breeding. 

It works great for us, for our retired moms, and their new families. They are healthy, housebroken (and/or crate trained), and come when called. They all walk on a leash and stand great for grooming.

They will take some adjusting into a new home but they are so easy many families keep in touch for a long time letting me know what a great dog they are and how happy they are to have one of mine. They are wonderful for the person or family who wants a companion, without all the time and energy a puppy requires.

Some have not been loose in the house very much but they never potty in a crate, and most automatically go to the door when they need out.

If you are looking for an adult who has had a kind and warm family life, a retired adult would be perfect for you. Some may be very shy as we live in a rural area and they have limited exposure to all things town or city. Contact us to double check availability after reading about each dog on this website. Sometimes this page isn't updated as often as needed since I have a list of families waiting for an adult that may have not responded yet. Please feel free to email for current info.

Our retired Westie, Cavalier or Pug moms are usually 6 years old and $650. (Retired Frenchies vary in cost and age, from $800. to $2400. from 1 to 6 years old)

Usually adults will be spayed, teeth cleaned (only if it can be done at the same time of the spay,) microchipped, and current on vaccinations. Please email if you would like to be on the list for an update when an adult becomes available after reading information.​

We rarely have older puppies available unless I was unable to email due to being too busy, or had technology problems. See the puppy pages if any are available.

(See Program below on "foster to adopt" if you really want a puppy or older dog and can not find one, yet are willing to give a mom a great home and be in the program.)


We may have a retired Westie mom who will be available late winter 2023.

(See Program below on "foster to adopt.")


3 after April 2023

French Bulldogs

We only breed the French Bulldogs a few times if they need c-sections. Unlike dogs having puppies naturally they should only have about 4 c-sections before being spayed. (The vet lets us know at the time of the c-section if they believe they need to be spayed, or are fine to have another litter.) Needing a c-section is one reason the cost of puppies from these breeds cost so much more. They take just as long to mature yet they get retired much younger, with many more vet bills. Amazingly they don't act much different after having a c-section compared to having puppies naturally.

(see at top of page.)

(See Program below on foster to adopt.)

Uncle Al's Pugs

He only has a few adult female Pugs. He does have a few younger Pugs. His first retiree, Sugar he kept. She is is favorite. And now one of her daughters, Sally, he has decided she will stay with him too.

 It will probably be 2023/2024 before any will be retired and available.

Foster to adopt

We hope to have some of our breeding quality dogs in foster to adopt programs, please contact us if interested! (See Program at Bottom of page)

Retired parents price varies from $650. to $1800. plus tax, depending on their age and breed. All are AKC. Older puppies and young adults are the same or if well trained a bit more than the puppy price.

For any of our adults if they are not already done we will usually spay/neuter any adopted for pets before adoption. Also all are crate trained, walk on a leash and they do not potty in the large kennel inside, although some may not have been loose 24/7 in the house as we usually crate our dogs at night and when we are not watching them.

We will have our annual health clinic April 2023.  If anyone does not pass they will be retired after appropriate spay/neuter procedure is completed, last time everyone tested with the cardiac and optomogoligist (OFA certified) passed making it hard to know who to let go!  So many Frenchies have so many health problems because people breed anything and do not do heart testing and don't care if the nares are so small the dog cant breath. Health and happiness of our puppies is top priority. Every dog should be born able to breath with ease, not bred to what looks the most cute, because it is so deformed it cant hardly breath and needs surgery, or cant do stairs due to back, leg and hip problems. Most all our dogs are tested for DM and we do our best to avoid any pairs who may have puppies who are DM positive, although with frenchies positive does not mean a problem, just at possible risk.

Many breeders do no testing at all!

Foster to Adopt Program.

We offer a contract to approved homes who are interested in having one of our female puppies / dogs.

The family must live close enough to us that transporting her here a few times a year would not be a problem. 

Basically the dog will be owned by us, but live with a family. She would be here anytime she is in season (once, or twice a year), for health testing once a year, and if pregnant to deliver and raise the puppies until 8 to 9 weeks of age. When she is retired she will be spayed and stay in her adopted home as a pet. Ownership will be transferred to her family at that time. 

We have several families with dogs in the program now. Its a great way to be involved with the joy of puppies without any of the expense, stress of the puppies, or work finding terrific homes for the pups. Plus we will babysit her when families go on vacations if needed and then she is in a familiar environment when she does have her puppies.