AKC Cavalier King Charles Parents

Cavalier Parents

More coming soon!

Still updating photos and information, more coming soon!

Parents are retired and available for adoption at 6 years old. They will be on the retired page when that happens. 

One of our Daddy dogs, Quanah.

 This super handsome boy with tons of coat is the main man around here. Since Tucker is the father to most of the girls we had to get an unrelated male. Quanah has OFA good hips, OFA normal patellas, and OFA normal heart! He also has eyes OFA evaluation done. He is CHIC certified since he has all recommended health testing for Cavaliers completed.

Quanah, pronounced K-whoa-nah (Art named him after an American Indian chief who had many wives and children!)

Quanah is also champion sired with many CH on his pedigree. He is Blenheim colored, pronounced blen-um. Red and white would have been so much easier! He weighs about 16.5 pounds, although looks bigger with all the coat. He Loves to run around the back yard, (and loves the ladies!) We have better photos but I can't find them and am trying to hurry to get the new website "live".

He gets beautiful long ear fringe but its so much easier to care for if I trim some of it off. Now that I let the ladies ear fringe grow out and got pictures of how pretty it is I guess I should trim theirs short and let his grow out. The puppies always mess up their moms ear furnishings and I spend a lot of time grooming their ears.

Zander, our stud from Russia, with both European and American bloodlines. OFA heart and eyes. He now 2 years old we have sent off for his hips and patella OFA certification. He has even more coat the Quanah!

He is a sweetheart. Friends borrow him off and on as they think he is just one of the greatest. We like it for him to get more individual attention. He is housebroken and well behaved. Even stud dogs can be wonderful house dogs. 

Look at that coat when he was just a baby!  I need more photos now that he is mature, such a handsome boy!

Hansel and Raleigh are both sons of Zanders we saved back for potential stud dogs. 

We are hoping to have a blue eyed cavalier, with healthy bloodlines. The pale color, as a puppy, darkens to normal red color later, sometimes indicates they can carry the blue eyed gene. It is not approved by AKC, but they are purebred AKC dogs, its just an anomaly that shows up sometimes. Candy and Quanah one time had a puppy with a single blue eye. A breeze seen the photos and is going to get more as she has 2 with both blue eyes.

These are photos of Hansel as puppy to older puppy. He looked like he was going to have light eyes but they darkened to the normal brown. Look how handsome he is becoming! His mother is Candy.

I need to find photos of Raleigh, his mother is Raquel.

Rufus son of Red and Nala, full sibling to Sophie. He is our ruby stud dog, since his father, Red was retired. 

He is adorable and has the best personality. (Well you can say that about any of our Cavaliers!!)

Tucker. Our first Cavalier male. He is now retired, father or grandfather to several of our dogs. 

Tucker is Champion sired, has many CH on his pedigree MORE importantly OFA: good hips, patellas, eyes and heart, negative for curly coat, dry eye and falling down syndrome. He is CHIC certified.

He is now in a home on a breeding contract where he gets all the attention he is use to having living in an only a 2 dog home. We may still use him for breeding, otherwise he is now retired. He is a very mellow boy and perfectly housebroken, weighs about 15.5 pounds, Tri colored, or as AKC calls the color: black and white with tan points. Tri is so much easier to write we will refer to the color as tri.

Tucker is the father of several of our Cavalier moms and the grandfather of our second and third generation! He is a daddy, grandpa and great grandpa!

If you may also be interested in an adult cavalier as a pet on "loan" from us until they are retired from breeding after which time you would keep them as a pet please contact us. (Must live fairly close to us.)

Nala is tri-colored, CH sired, with a lot of CH on her pedigree. She is a lovely little lady! I wish the photos I had taken had turned out better she has the most lovely full coat! (I have now trimmed it off since she's expecting puppies, and she's already blowing coat since she cycled.) Nala is a sweetheart. She gets along with everyone, although will stand up to a Westie if needed. She loves to chase butterflies and play with a rope toy. Giving kisses and sitting in your lap is her very favorite thing to do. She also really loves her puppies. She cleans them so much she makes yellow saliva stains on the white parts of their coats! She never digs and even if the others dig out under the fence she doesn''t go with them. Nala has OFA hips, patellas, eyes and cardiac. She should be CHIC certified but I don''t see the CHIC certification on any of the girls. I need to call them.

She will be retired soon. Mother to Rufus, and Aryne's girl Sophie.

Have to find the photo of Nala's very unique nesting! She didn't want to be in her box, chose the floor instead. She has managed to dig around and wrap herself up in the sheet I have draped over Roxy's box to keep Nala from staring at Roxy's puppies, and upsetting Roxy. She knows that Nala intends to steal her babies. Roxy though is amazingly fine with her wrapping herself all up and getting under the visual barrier. Maybe she knows she's in labor. (I did pick up the food and water bowls so she doesn't accidentally have a puppy into either. I am also right here so they couldn't crawl through the bannister.) I wish she would go back in her box, but whatever makes them happy!

Natalie is daughter to Red and Lana, (who is a daughter to Nala and Quanah). She is just beautiful. One of our smaller girls only about 11 pounds.

Current mom's. We breed for beautiful healthy AKC Cavaliers. When we breed them to our AKC poodle instead we have top quality Cavapoo puppies.

I tried to have several pictures of each. Some are as puppies, or in their funny teenage time, or with all their coat and furnishings trimmed short. I cant figure out how to put the name right on the photo with the website.

History more coming soon.

Photos of retired parents,  grandparents, great grand parents..... Several generations!

Red, our ruby male has now been retired, and lives with a great family.

He is the father of our black and tan girl, Natalie, and a ruby male puppy from Red and Nalas litter, Rufus. Aryne has Sophie, sister to Rufus.

He has very rich red color, just doesn't show as well in the photo.

We got him because Roxy (Roxanne) had puppies with too much white on their face, and missing eye markings, and mostly because we happened to come across this super cute boy, so we adopted "Red". We bred him to Roxy (who is also now a retired grandmother) and the girls who have more white then red, or don't have enough color on their puppies it helps prevent the all white faces on the puppies. He has a great personality too! 

Red is super cute, very small, only weighs 11 pounds, and has passed all his health testing.

He is CHIC certified, OFA: good hips, patellas, heart, and eyes. He was 3 years old when we adopted him. He didn't have  clue how to breed, but in late 2016 he finally figured it out!

Shyanne, Skylar, LullaBell, Gretel have all been retired. Photos of them in the slide show also.