AKC Poodle Parents

AKC Poodle Parents!

We have 2 AKC male Poodles and 3 AKC female Poodle's

Cavapoo puppies have a AKC Cavalier parent and a AKC Poodle Parent.

AKC Bubba and AKC Cappuccino are the Poodle fathers to our cavapoo puppies. I like silly hair cuts! I try to get a photo of each new way I trim their coats.

The unique!

My affinity for unique color prompted me to look for my favorite color of all time which is blue merle. Chocolate is even more popular and dilute so Cappuccino will produce blue merle cava-poo puppies, and maybe chocolate if the genes are there for the dilute in the Cavalier. We can also breed him Angle the Maltese, for merle color Maltipoo, or Cavalier for merle color cava-poo. 

Cavapoos are proving to be one of the favorite crosses families are looking for. I can see why, they are terrific 🙂 I love smart dogs and poodle's top the list. Cavaliers are super sweet and snuggly so adding a bit more brains, and eliminating shedding to almost nothing makes for a terrific companion!

The Maltese are full of themselves and so tiny. Perfect for those who want a really small dog that has some spunk, so crossed with poodle they are very easy to train!

Bubba is our red AKC miniature poodle from terrific health tested bloodlines. He is very smart and just a cuddle bug. Only 3/4 of an inch taller then a toy size, weighs 12 to 13 pounds.

Everyone who visits loves Bubba. They are shocked to learn he is a poodle. He has changed many peoples impressions of poodles, raised with lots of socializing and children he is friendly outgoing dog, super smart, and looks like a teddy bear, or lion, or whatever strange thing I have turned him into with silly hair cuts! Also pictures of him as a tiny 13 ounce puppy. He s another dog to show you cant go by the poodle chart to know how big a puppy will actually get, he should have stayed about 6 pounds if the chart was accurate.

I like to trim him like a teddy bear, and experiment with different ways to trim his coat. Some hair cuts are so goofy looking I didn't take any photos of them, but lately I decided to add the whole range to the slide show, even Bubba still wet form a bath! I like the lion cut the most, although the big eyebrow cut is much easier to keep groomed!

Bubba has been health tested. He has OFA hips, eyes, and had a DNA test which checks 175 things, which showed he was clear for everything tested, but a carrier for one thing. (Carriers can't have the problem.)

AKC Toy poodle Cappuccino, is a lovely chocolate merle! Bubba grew to be a bit to big to breed to Angel, since she is only 5.5 pounds, and he is 12 pounds, so we wanted a tiny poodle male. Ellie is 8.5 pounds, so smaller puppies are possible with her too. He is only 8.5 pounds grown. It took months to come up with a name for him! "Cappy," has always played second fiddle to Bubba as Bubba steals all the attention. They are the best of friends (unless a potential girl friend is in the vicinity!)

As a puppy he would stand back while Bubba got all the attention, but now he is right in there wanting to be pet too. Very sweet and friendly like Bubba. He loves children, and cleaning their hands. He likes to explore and check everything out. Bubba snoozing with his bestie Cappuccino, in one of the photos. They often cuddle together for naps.

I have not quite figured out what hair cut I like the best on Cappy....

He has been health tested, OFA certificates will be added soon, for eyes, hips and patellas. He also had the 175 panel DNA testing and is clear for everything.

AKC Fancy Pants, is an AKC toy, weighs 8 pounds but may get a tiny bit heavier so on the bigger side of toy, like Bubba is on the tiny side of Miniature. Blue Merle is usually a black dog with gray  patches. She is a more blue dog with pale white/gary patches. Beautiful!

She is Very athletic and can leap across the furniture like a gymnast! Super sweet and silly! She now sleeps with us also, and will hop on the bed anytime we go in the room hoping to get in another nap. She really likes the bed!

She loves everyone and is such a good girl!

She will be health tested when she's old enough. She does have OFA eyes as they can be tested at any age over 8 weeks old.

AKC no name for months! Kim and I finally just brain stormed and decided to be extra silly. She is now "Laurel's Lost Marbles Blues" We will call her Mari for short. She is a tiny toy size! much smaller then we expected. Seems people claim they will be toy and they get much larger and what I expected. In her case the breeder was spot on for size! Only 5.25 pounds grown!

We don't like the shaved face look and prefer the teddy bear look. But on her it just looked like a weird shaggy dog! I tried again and think she looks adorable now!

Beautiful blue merle (black dog with merle lightened patches.) She also has blue in her eyes, which is in marble like spots so in the photos sometimes gave her a funny evil look! She is such a sweet delicate little thing, not at all evil! She loves the grandkids too, all our poodles love the children. She is living with Aryne now as Aryne has grown extra attached to the tiny dogs.

Very silly and loves to play with anyone who will play with her.

Will do health testing when she is old enough. She does have OFA eyes, as we go every April and they are tested yearly starting at any age over 8 weeks old.

ACA, Sonny Boy. Aryne decided her boys have been begging for a male dog and we have had so many requests for cavapoo puppies with large white markings we decided a parti color poodle would be a great male dog for her.

He has a terrific personality and is suppose to stay about 6 pounds as an adult. He is looking more like he will be about 7.5 pounds.

She just adopted him in September 2018. It will be 2019 before he has had his preliminary health testing done and he sires some puppies. Update, he has OFA eyes, will do other tests when he is old enough.

Photos at 4 months and 5 months old, more when older and I had the scissors and gave him some pretty silly hair cuts too!

AKC, Rose. Aryne LOVES the tiny dogs and we helped Aryne get her. Rose was only 4.75 pounds, and 1.5 years old.

She was intimidated by everyone and very scared of Aryne boys, so lives with us. She still runs and hides from children. Always super sweet, I can hand her to kids and she just melts, but runs away from them first chance she gets.

She is coming out of her shell. She even goes up to unknown adults for attention now, when she use to hide from them also!

She sleeps with us and if she is locked out of the bedroom, she jumps up and down at the door making a little tiny tsk-tsk-tsk sound as her nails click on the floor as she lands. I can sleep though thunder, wind, storms, but her tiny hopping up and down sound at the door wakes me up! She's very cuddly and loves to snuggle! She's a doll!

Aryne adopted her in February 2019. She has OFA patellas and went to the April health clinic.  Update, she now has OFA eyes also, the 2 things they test toy size poodles. She is so tiny!

More photo's with different hair cuts have been added.

She is due to have her first litter in late August/early September. They will be maltipoo puppies as she has been bred to Moses, I can't wait! See hypoallergenic page for her litter updates.

History of how we decided to add the adorable poodles is on the cavapoo, page in their history! 

Poodles are nothing like my preconceived ideas I thought they were like after only meeting a few in passing and as a child our crabby neighbor having a crabby poodle.

They are SO intelligent, easy to train, sensitive, and get along amazingly well with everyone and everything. Our stud dogs are even best bubbies. Im not a fan of the normal hair cut for a poodle but left fluffier and they turn into real live teddybears with an extra curly, soft coat.

They are very agile/athletic, as we discovered Fancy Pants was capable of jumping onto the kitchen counter (she is only 8 pounds). She was also found on the bathroom counter avoiding Bubba who was romantically interested when she wasn't. Its no wonder they were used for circus dogs!

Bubba, Fancy, Cappuccino and Ellie all sleep with us. They don't shed, and are hypoallergenic. I have a mild dog allergy so I need to not make it worse, since I am  with our other non-hypoallergenic dogs all day long.