Frenchies are just super silly dogs, our Frenchies love everyone and get along wonderfully with the other dogs and cats.

Best seen on a computer, too many photos for most phones.

Our puppies are all born in our home, or Kim and Justin's home. My son, Kieth also has a few adult Frenchie who live with him, but we raise the puppies here so they can be supervised 24/7. We love them to be house dogs and we work together to have a terrific line of quality Frenchies. Frenchies technically are born at the veterinarians since they have c-sections. French Bulldogs also often need to be bred by AI, and are normally born by c-section. C-sections also mean the moms will only have a few litters in their lifetime. I often even sleep on the floor next to the mom and new babies to keep an eye on them 24/7 for days on end. Raising Frenchies, (French Bulldogs) is definitely not for everyone!

The price of hard to raise puppies in breeds like French Bulldogs is simply greater due to the difficulty and cost involved in getting quality genetics and then of raising the puppies. How many people are willing, or able to stay by the new mom and babies 24/7 for days on end to supervise, and/or hand raise any pups who need help?

Our Frenchie puppies adopted for a pet that are on agreement to be spayed or neutered between 5 and 6 months of age are usually $2500., for fawn, black brindle, cream. Unusual colors are $3000. (sable) $3500. (blue, blue cream, blue merle, chocolate, chocolate cream, black with tan points) $4000. (blue-blue merle, blue or chocolate with tan points, lilac) $4500. blue-blue merle with tan points, lilac with tan points) which includes microchipping and current vaccinations. (plus IL tax is 7.25%.)

See the other pages:

"About our puppies," "what comes with your puppy", and "is a puppy really right for you."

A Frenchie puppy is a very serious decision. 10 to 14 years of care and companionship. Please do not get a puppy, or dog if you have any hesitation about long term responsibility of a furry best friend. We love our puppies and dogs and only want them in a home where they will be a part of the family! 

Frenchies are heat and cold sensitive, some more then others. Some are amazingly agile, fast, and athletic and do tolerate a wider range of temperature since we breed for a more open airway. Others are at risk of collapsing if overheated when simply out on a warm day and playing.

Many make terrific therapy dogs. They are very sturdy and tolerant of children. See Fiona's story on the parent page.

Puppies available, & puppies due to be born soon!

See retired/adult page under the parent tab, for possible adult Frenchies!  - at the time of this update 8/10/21 we have 1 adult available.

Neelly and Willy Wonka had puppies 10/10

Fawn, Sable, Blue fawn, and Blue, boys and girls.

At the time of this update all the puppies are spoken for, although a fawn female is waiting for pick up.

On the pet agreement to be neutered between 5-6 months of age blue and blue fawn are $3500, Sable is $3000 and fawn is $2500  + IL sales tax.

Peanut and Huckleberry had puppies 10/24

Ready to join their new families 12/19/21

1 brindle female waiting on DNA for color to determine if she's available or not. On the pet agreement to be  spayed between 5-6 months of age the brindle is $2500  + IL sales tax.

Puppy pictures coming soon

Gamora and Merlin Jr. had puppies 11/28/21

Ready to join their new families 1/23/21

We will take photos soon and reach out to families with prior deposits to pick or pass,

1 or 2 cream male puppies available at this time.

On the pet agreement to be neutered between 5-6 months of age; cream, or brindle are $2500  + IL sales tax.

If you placed a deposit on a cream male please contact me! I remember a possible deposit but our son moved the mail and I have not found the letter.

Potential Expected Litters

Next potential litters expected: Nakila is pregnant, bred to Dex, and Burberry is pregnant bred to Merlin Jr, are  due mid-January. Gigi has been bred to Gandolf, too early to tell if she's pregnant, would be due in February.

Deposit information:

Until puppies are born it is just an educated guess as to what colors they may be, or if the mom is even pregnant for awhile! We of course don't know gender, or color until birth.  At the time of this update (1-6-22) we have 1 outstanding deposit. We will post puppies as available until a deposit is received, then mark them as sold, or pending pick up. Always check by phone or email to be sure the website is updated.

A deposit holds a place on the list for choosing a puppy. You can always pass and wait for the next litter when a specific color, or gender is desired, or just personal timing if you place a deposit. The $500 deposit is non-refundable, but part of the total.

Past puppies and color references in the slide show! 

Brindle Pup with his new family







Dolly, Pied Brindle

Merlin Jr, pied merle


Fifi, cream

Otis, Sweet Meat/Dex pied brindle

Blue Brindle, Mora/Tackleberry

Huckleberry - Blue brindle Mora/Tackleberry

Galaxy, Karrie/Tackleberry black brindle

Chocolate male

Blue fawn


Black & Tan