As Uncle Al says over and over, "Aren't they just beautiful?!"

Uncle Al with his girls, plus misc pictures of family and friends with the Pugs coming soon to slide show at bottom of the page. 

​We help my Uncle so his dogs are also health tested. They have all had OFA eye exams done by an actual ophthalmologist, and its not required but most also have hearts checked by a cardiologist. Plus once they are 2 years old they will have OFA hip and patella examinations completed, which may have been done after I worked on this update.   

My Uncle does not do anything on the computer so has left this up to me. He is best at sitting in the chair and holding the puppies and dogs, or supervising "recess" when the dogs play in the back yard together. 🙂 

These are Uncle Al's AKC Pugs.

Parents are retired and available for adoption at 6 years old. They will be on the retired page when that happens. Sugar has been retired but she was his first love and he has kept her as a pet.  

AKC "Sir White Lighting", Whitey. He has the double curl tail, and a great huge head with "smushed" face. Such a love bug.

He though, when we first got him as an adult was far from housebroken. He would mark; the girls, us if we hold still, and anything else. Needless to say he was on a leash when inside the house and watched closely.

He is crate trained and gets to run around loose in the yard to play and exercise when not crated, or if not there he is in the kennel yard to run around for more time outside. They had told us the dogs had a doggie door off their doggie room and would go outside to potty with no accidents. We do have lots of females in heat and it's very hard on stud dogs in this situation. We're hoping he gets the hang of it. He loves everyone he meets! No doubt he has classic sweet Pug personality and adorable looks!

Update: Whitey is now much better about waiting until outside to mark. He still will go right on the girls when outside, but even when our vet tech borrowed him she said he was actually very good in the house. Here he marks inside so he doesn't  get to run free indoors.

​Photo at 18 months. He is even more handsome and his head is even bigger now that he's mature. 

AKC "Ricky Bobby", AKA Tug, AKA Chub. He has the double curl tail, and a great head with "smushed" face. He is short and stocky, just adorable! He is also chubby!

Uncle Al got him when he was 6 years old because we have a couple of Whiteys daughters and needed a unrelated male. He is super sweet! Uncle Al likes to feed them when they look hungry. All our dogs are usually on full feed. Means we keep food down at all times. They are rarely overweight. Well Chub must have been on limited measured food as a puppy because he does the typical 'eats more then he needs' for any dog who had measured food as a puppy. They know they will be hungry so they learn to gulp food and to over-eat. Instead if people would allow food down at all times for puppies, they nibble only when hungry, and only what they need. Rarely are they overweight once they grow up with this system.

Anyway Tug i.e. Chub is one of the 2 dogs out of all the dogs here who needs measured food. The other dog was also an adult, 2 years old when we got her, an english bulldog. All the others are fine on full feed, but she gets very very round and has to have measured food.

AKC. Uncle Al's Boris, And Uncle Al's Doris. Just big puppies in the photos.

Bella had one litter with us as she was 5 when we adopted her and retired her at 6. We got her from the same family chub had come from.  She is completely unrelated to the other Pugs.

Their dad is Cecile who we have since adopted out. This was the only litter we had with him as all or other girls were related to him. Whitey is their grandfather and Glitter their grandmother.

So they both carry white while adding a cute new bloodline. Boris and Doris were her only 2 puppies and he kept both of them. They will be parents themselves in 2019. Photos at about 9 months old. Boris has a blue collar on and Doris has a pink collar on. 

AKC Daffodil, AKA Dilly, was my Uncles fawn pup who was 6 months old in the group photos in the slide show and 23 months in the photos with a red collar. She was a wild child as a puppy! She loved to rough house with the other pups, kids, or anyone who will play with her. She had a lot of energy but isn't hyper. She will nap in her crate and is very well behaved.

Now that she's mature she's really mellow. She is much more snuggly and happy to cuddle now.

Dilly likes to hop up on anyones lap and play with whoever else is occupying the lap, as you can see from the photos. She is super cute! Uncle Al just raves how sweet they all are and constantly says how beautiful Dilly is.

AKC Debutante, fawn, and Diva black, are Sugar and Sonnyboy's girls. They were born the same day as Uncle Al's 3rd grandson!

We couldn't decide which one to keep so ended up he kept them both. They are both lovely. Debby is a bit more vocal, loves to supervise and be the queen bee. Diva is a bit more cuddly, but also can talk to Uncle Al quite well too. I knew he would love having the dogs but I had no idea he would hold lively conversations with them!

AKC Sally Can't Dance is a brindle. AKA 'Sally Doesn't Listen'

She is a younger sister to Debutante, and Diva, also a daughter of Sugar and Sonnyboy.

She is a very happy agile girl. Uncle Al has been trying to get her to climb a small pool ladder. He's not a very good trainer, and the ladder is not an easy one for a dog, so she will probably never do it on cue. She can climb up a bit already anyway. She listens really well for the rest of us but she knows Uncle Al is just all talk and sometimes she would rather run around playing instead of doing what he tells her. She is a wild spoiled child, one of his favorites!

AKC Uncle Al's Hilde. She is a daughter of Tilly and Chub. Super cute!

Diva had not had puppies in almost 2 years so we kept a black girl to be sure we didn't lose the ability to get black puppies.

She is super smart! Has been know to dig to get under the fence and then runs all over giving Uncle Al a heart attack. Now that she is older she comes when called pretty good for him. I cant say Uncle Al is a very good trainer. All the pugs have him wrapped around their little paws!

AKC Lilly and AKC Tilly full sisters. Glitter and Whitey are their parents. Tilly looks just like her mother Glitter, and Lilly looks just like her aunt, Sugar. They are both super sweet and were very bonded to each other.

Lilly has never had puppies. Tilly has had puppies twice as of this update. Lilly doesn't seem to mind at all when Tilly is occupied with her babies and she will play with the other dogs just fine. It seemed to actually help both of them learn to play better with the other dogs and not just each other, so now they are great apart.

We will probably adopt Lilly out is she does not have puppies the next time she if in season. Uncle Al kept a couple puppies who are almost old enough for their first litters.


AKC Uncle Al's Sir William. He is just a puppy, future stud dog prospect. He has a great personality and the lovely brindle color.

History of how My Uncle AL started with Pugs. 

My Uncle moved in with us a several years ago. He is retired, his last job was his all time favorite, a learning disabled teacher for over 15 years. He would avoid the mid-west cold by going to Louisiana for the worst part of the winter where he had raised his family.

He/we built a fenced yard outside his door. Our home has a walk-out basement which is set up as a complete separate apartment. I love it. Al has his own space and yet with basement stairs we can still be family. He takes the pugs out into his yard and sits with them as they play and have a chance to potty outside, "recess" as he calls it! They love to sit on his lap. He in turn talks to them all the time and they get tons of attention! He puts toy in his jacket pockets so they can "hunt for them". Sugar loves the kids and anyone who will pet her. Glitter was a bit shy at first and likes the kids attention only if they sit in Al's chair. Sugar is very white, Glitter is a white sliver. Dilly was 6 months old and is the fawn. She was a bundle of energy! They are all are super cute!

He dislikes my writing as it has so many grammar errors he can't read it. Some day he may tackle this page and correct it himself. Until then please forgive my scattered ramblings and poor grammar!

Uncle Al loves dogs and often has someone sitting in his lap when he is watching TV or playing on the computer. He had always had a dog as a best buddy and I thought he needed his own who would be more attached to him then us.

If you have read any on the Shar Pei page you would know we planned to get a male pug to breed to our Shar Pei.

We needed a quality AKC pug to breed our AKC Shar Pei for "Ori-Pei" puppies (what Shar Pei / Pug cross puppies are called). Personaly I think Shar-Pug or Pug -Pei makes more sense for a hybrid name.

Since we needed a male I searched and found a white AKC Pug male pup, we named "Cecil Turtle".

White is a rare color in Pugs, it has been DNA tested to be purebred Pug in AKC registered Pugs, and these are all AKC registered Pugs.

Art and Uncle Al drove a 17 hour trip to get Cecil Turtle, our future stud dog puppy.  I stayed home with the pack since Art and I could never leave at the same time for a long trip back then.

I was excited to find a recessive colored Pug so when we have puppies we can still get the huge range of color the Shar Pei come in. Otherwise the pups would be fawn, or black.

Long story (trying to be) short: The family who had Cecil's father, plus 2- 18 month old Pugs, and a 6 month old Pug pup contacted us after we had adopted Cecil.

They had decided to sell their pugs in order to travel. They didnt know how to ensure they would go to a good home until they met Art and Uncle Al when they had picked up Cecil.

They offered the group to us and Uncle Al as a package. I felt it would give my Uncle some doggie friends of his own, and something to do besides watch TV! It is working out wonderfully for the dogs and Uncle AL.   🙂