We care about our dogs and their puppies!

Our puppies are all born in our home, under very close supervision.

Blog/FAQ tab has "Deposit information," "What comes with your puppy," and "FAQ" pages, please check them out. A puppy is a very serious decision. Please do not get a puppy,  or a dog if you have any hesitation about long term responsibility of a furry best friend. 

Some parents and grandparents OFA certificates are on the parent page, (Orthopedic Foundation Association) for patellas, hips and eyes as recommended by the breed club.  No other breeder I know of does as much health testing, over such a long time for Westie's as we do.

(Many breeders do no testing at all!) 

One week old puppy.

image (12)

At a few weeks old they have their eyes open and are healthy chubby puppies.


I usually take pictures when the puppies are 3 to 4 weeks old and have their eyes open.

The selection for a puppy changes quickly, and as you can see by the photos each of  my Westie babies are adorable! 

We have some Champion Line, and many health tested parents. The puppies will be ready for their new home when they turn 8 weeks old. 

Moms due are listed under the current puppies section below. Please see each litter listed below for availability, and check the note of moms due if none are available.

My daughter is offering a new service available for training new puppies from our kennel. See more information under the recommendations page.

Current Puppies!

Fortunately they are all so cute and everyone likes something a bit different even when there is just one available he/she is still the perfect puppy for somebody.

Maggie Mae and Ernie have a litter born 6-18-18.

1 male is available.

Photos 7.5 weeks and 11 weeks old. He catches on fast and is use to going potty outside.

Jenna and colt have a litter born 6-21-18. 1 male and 3 females.

1 female is available.

She is Cute, and Happy!

New photos at 10 weeks old. She is use to going potty outside and just has a terrific personality!

Cupie Doll and Archie have a litter born 6-28-18.

Adoption pending! She's a spunky one! 

Cupie Doll is now 6 and is also being retired. She has a family waiting for her 🙂

Muffin and Magnum have a new litter born 8-10-18.

1 female, 2 male. They are adorable! 

The girl and one boy are doing great. The smallest boy, is struggling. Mom carries them around as soon as they are not really close. We are concerned she may have unintentionally hurt the little guy as he didn't make it. 🙁

The boy and girl are chubby and look terrific! 

Muffin is now almost 6 and is also being retired. She had a slow delivery so was spayed when she had her c-section. She has a family waiting for her 🙂

Barbie Doll and Magnum have a new litter born 8-21-18.

2 female, 1 male.They are adorable!  

Deposit is in the mail for one of the girls, 1 female and 1 male available. Girls with the flowers, boy in a basket. 

Jelly Bean and Archie have a new litter born 8-22-18.

Initially 4, now 1 female, 1 male. She went into labor, had a discharge and acted like it was labor. Vet agreed it was labor, did a c-section as labor was not progressing and with the discharge the puppies would have not made it. They were premature. Unfortunately born 2 days before I had to be in the hospital as my uncle was having surgery. Art was holding them to nurse like I had been but I dont know what happened he told me they were doing well. They looked good when I left but by the time I was home 1.5 days later, 1 had passed away, and another soon followed dispite me trying to feed him every hour around the clock. The last 2 were in terrible shape but seem to be slowly recovering. Apparently moms milk dried up so they werent getting anything when held to nurse. I am tube feeding them as they were too weak to hand feed without risk of aspiration. They are 2 very tough little puppies to still be hanging in there. 

Puppies are now 9 days old and amazingly seem to be doing better each day!

9-9-18, puppies are doing great! Art and I not so much, so tired with the around the clock puppy feeding! Even though Art doesn't get up, the alarm for me to get up wakes him up. 

Photos coming when they open their eyes. 🙂

Mom's Due

The mom's like to cycle at the same time as their friends. We may have no puppies at all, and then suddenly like a snowball effect have lots of puppies! (Female canines only cycle about once or twice a year, unlike some other mammal's.)

Billie Jo is due late September. Ginny, Anna, Annabelle, Bling, and Pickles may be due in October. 

 Its too early to tell yet if those due more then a month away or more are expecting for sure, or not. 

 Deposit information for future puppies

Until the puppies arrive we just don't know how many, or what sex they will be. Deposits for puppies not born yet are simply for a puppy either in an expected litter, or for one who will be 8 weeks old closest to when a puppy is desired, your choice. We let families pick their puppy in the order we have received deposits.