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Dogs are like Potato Chips,

you can't have just one!

Welcome to DreamCatcher Hill!

 I have raised a small number of purebred puppies for over 30 years, variety has grown as my human family has also grown, between the family (in 3 different homes) we raise: Westies, Frenchies, Pugs, Cavaliers, and some Designer Crosses with Poodles, or Maltese for hypoallergenic puppies We love the variety as we are all also different!

The farm here in Brighton Illinois is a dream come true.

Dear Potential Customers, 

Despite the current health crisis, we have made the decision to continue business operations. However, it is not business as usual around here. We would like to assure anyone considering purchasing our puppies that we are closely monitoring all CDC recommendations and making changes to our operating procedures accordingly. All employees are being made aware of and implementing all of the CDC prevention recommendations in an effort to minimize risk to our customers and employees. Dreamcatcher Hill is a family run operation and so the health of everyone living at, working in, and visiting our facilities is a priority to us. We request that if you are feeling ill and have a scheduled appointment with us, please call to reschedule. We are remaining flexible in regard to appointments and pickups in an effort to reduce risk to everyone involved in all of our transactions. We are scheduling appointments further apart to lessen the likely hood that appointments will overlap. Employees are disinfecting all common areas and surfaces in between every appointment. We are meeting outdoors for puppy visiting. We encourage anyone who has any questions to please contact us. We will be happy to address any concerns you may have. We are honored that you have chosen to place your trust in us while you are choosing your fur baby.


Laurel Grench

Dreamcatcher Hill

About Us

It really is a labor of love for all the furry and feathered friends we care for. I had been an EMT-P, and an RN before turning my calling into a full time way of life. Many wonderful people have joined me in the dedication of adding joy to others lives as well.  See more about us below.  


Click on the Puppies menu above for each page. We currently have Frenchie's, Westies, Pugs, Shichonpoo's, and Cavapoo's, and Bulldogs. Each page shows availability, and who is expecting. We love each one and the variety! 


Dogs available on the rescue page, many with such sad past lives. Lets get them a forever great home together!

Please consider a rescued adult dog before getting a puppy! 

Bigger cream male


I love our dogs, rescued critters of many varieties, and country life. I raised dogs for over 30 years, Westies for over 25 years. I have 3 grown children, and 2 grandsons I am blessed live only a few miles away.

Over time I have added pages and updated the farm name from Laurel's West Highland White Terriers to DreamCatcher Hill, as our furry family has grown to include our rescued dogs, horses, the adorable loving Cavaliers, which Art just loves. Plus soft furry Poodles for designer crosses; Cavapoo and Hypoallergenic puppies, and the ever silly happy Frenchies my daughter, Kim's, favorite.

My Uncle AL who moved here in 2013 added Pugs! I can now understand how people call them the clowns of the dog world!

Our Services

Dog Sitting (Boarding)

We mostly only dog-sit puppies and dogs who were adopted from us. When we have dog guests they are in the house with us, and walked on a leash when outside. Dogs will usually be crated when we are outside, and at night. If they are very well behaved they have the run of the house 24/7 with our house dogs. 

Please contact us if interested.


(618) 372-7547



up to 250 miles
Please Ask


If you know of a reputable shipper please email me and I will add them to the list.

Please contact me for a potential ground transport, or nanny by air transport.



Shipping by air includes health certificate, crate, and everything needed to fly for a puppy, or very small dog. Snub nose breeds are excluded, nanny or ground transport only.


Occasional transport available if purchased from us. Contact us for details.

English Bulldog Puppies in Illinois

About Us

Art loves all the critters too. He's also capable of fixing anything he puts his mind too. A handy man is just the best! The actual 24/7 of farm and critter life is not for anyone but a crazy workaholic! Its not unusual for me to be up every 3 hours around the clock feeding babies of some variety, puppies, but also baby pigs, bunnies, and some other critters that seem to just fall into our lap.

We have had extended family and friends visit, move in and stay, or live here as a temporary home as they each build their own dream.​ We are blessed to be a part of it all. 

My Uncle AL moved here in 2013.

In 2016 my aging mother and frail aunt also moved here full time. We completed their own little house here on the farm in fall of 2017.

My cousin Brenda lived here for a time. Then Aryne, a young mom with 3 little boys, we met in December 2016 moved in April 2017. She needed a place and we needed help with paperwork and getting the house for my mom and aunt completed. She has her own place now and a few furry friends of her own including a cavalier named Sophie, and her poodle boy Sonny.

My daughter left her corporate job, now works here part-time and is raising their wonderful boys. (My only 2 grandchildren. I am SO fortunate they live close so I am a part of their life!) Nothing like a job that you can show up and go home, whenever it works best for your family. Family is #1!

Libbie worked here awhile, a sister to a friend of ours mid-2018 to spring 2020. She added more help for the puppies and dogs to have socializing. She has had some schooling to be a therapy dog trainer. Plus she's great at paperwork! She is now doing her own thing; original art work! If you would  like a custom puppy, or dog portrait please contact her, she is exceptionally good! She also does art of other animals and people, Seriously talented!

In January 2019 one of Art's older sisters had a rough time and moved in. We emptied as much of the office/guest room as we could to give her the space. She wasn't able to use the stairs in order to have the big bedroom downstairs that extended guests usually use. She needed her medical issues brought under control, plus her very aged dog and old cat moved in with us too. The dog was at the vets regularly with severe intestinal issues, testicular cancer (a good reason to neuter pets when young!), and major dental problems. He is doing much better health-wise now, although is a confused very old dog. The old dog ruined the carpet when Renee was unable to take him out often enough. We replaced it with easy to wash vinyl in November 2019. Renee doesn't drive so Art and I had spent a lot of time on the road getting her and the dog where they needed to go all of 2019. For specialty vet care we go all the way to Hannibal MO. We love Advanced Vet Care up there! Her cat was doing ok, but apparently had cancer and why she just wouldn't really improve. When she was no longer comfortable she was humanely taken to the vets and put to sleep. Very sad. Very sweet beautiful cat. I think she created a rainbow ladder for other needy cats to find their way here. We ended up with 21 additional cats added to the farm in 2019! We have spayed and neutered them all, took awhile. Many have slowly found their ways into good homes. One strangely moved up the lane to the neighbors house. We seen her all the time but only recently learned he keeps food out for her and gives her lots of attention....

Renee found a really nice apartment, October 2019. We were going to build her a place here, but she doesn't like me much, and she wanted her own place, which worked out so much better. Cujo, the old dog, is still hanging in there. 

Things evolve. In winter 2019 we hired Brandy, an accountant part time, who was also a full time college student. Her husband, Mike, lucky for us, wasn't very busy so he started working here helping with basic livestock animal chores, some help with the dogs, plus big time farm clean-up and renovation. My son, Keith, and Mike work great together and have steadily organized and repaired the things Art and I couldn't get to with the furry critters taking all our time and attention. Mike and Brandy are now living on the farm, hopefully for a long time, but the farm is probably a stepping stone as they of course have their own dreams. With the Covid pandemic it was very fortunate for us to have help who lived here as Kim and Libbie were home on the stay at home order. Kim is also now home schooling the boys. Brandy had family matters and college on-line taking all her time for awhile. Mike was my only help, which he did livestock chores morning and night, keeping up with long term goals of building and repairs with Keith and helped with dogs when I just couldn't keep up from early April to this update, mid-May. Kim would come by and couple hours here and there as she could. I had to set up an auto-reply on email as we were getting thousands of emails, doing all the dog chores with Art gone, and almost no help with the jobs Kim, Libbie and I did for office work it has been all I could do to try and keep up. The critters come first. They are doing terrific! The Covid hasn't effected them in the least, even if I am ready to drop from exhaustion! When Brandy's semester was over and faml=ily matters settled down she helps wit the phone. She is doing the accounting farm stuff. Kim worked a bit more to help with registrations and the things Libbie was doing that has piled up. Ethan started work in May and caught on really fast. He has been terrific with helping with dogs and puppy cleaning. Let me go back to working just the typical 1.5 to 2 people worth of work. 

Its August now 2020. Brandy and Ethan are going back to school, Kim will have her 2 boys being homeschooled. Art is back and slowly getting his health back and helping as he can. I just heard the first 4 cases of covid are in Bunker Hill, the town closest to us. Prayers everyone reading this and their families and friends are ok! 

I can still look across the fields and trees and feel blessed every day to be so fortunate to have a beautiful space to call home with friends and family all living here, never a dull moment.

Like many, the stress of Covid is always on our mind with so many susceptible people living here, plus friends and family who are all at risk. 

I feel so bad for those many people isolated during this stressful pandemic when accustomed to going out and socializing! Hopefully everyone has windows to be able to notice the shapes in the clouds, dream of new projects, complete some goals, and catch an occasional rainbow! Hang in there! Having issues coping, look up many articles on ambiguous loss to understand the immense invisible stress, and please call; hotlines, friends, or family and get help! 

There is beauty all around us, and in us, despite our emotional brain blocking what our senses can pick up in the here and now!



Please remember no food is perfect,  adding "toppers" to dogs food for variety and interest. (Real people food with no additives, like cooked chicken, beef, green beans, carrots, ect...)

We currently feed Fromm purchased from Four Muddy Paws, in Edwardsville IL. Its a great little pet shop that offers dog washing, training and  list of services and products. Fromm in your area can be found by going to their official website: https://frommfamily.com

We feed Fromm Lamb and Lentil to our pregnant moms in the last 1 to 2 weeks of pregnancy, and moms with puppies. We usually feed Fromm Surf and Turf to the puppies who we have retained, to any of our potential moms, or bred moms and stud dogs. 

Some of the stud dogs, rescued dogs, and anyone who is on just maintenance, or spayed/neutered we feed Fromm Classic, or Fromm Heartland Gold Adult. We often add some of the other kibble to their food for variety.

There are other Fromm foods that are great, we just have not used all of them. Fromm Beef Frittata, and Heartland Gold adult have made our rotation. 

We have tried many, many dry foods over the years. Many are great for a few months or a couple years, and then we see strange things happening in the dogs. Eventually it dawned on me that any food can not be perfect, advertised as: "for the life of your dog" really is not a good idea unless you add variety with scraps, or toppers. 

Seriously, how can any man made food be perfect? People don't know everything, new nutrients and needs for those nutrients are discovered all the time.

The healthiest dogs are those who get lots of exercise, and a variety of real foods. Look at the label of what you eat, and what is in most dog foods. Both can be scary. 

Wetting any dry dog food and letting it absorb the water, before giving it to them is said to help the dog digest any dry kibble better. We would have  hard time doing that as we like to full feed our dogs and puppies. We cant afford to throw away and waste wet food not eaten. We do wet puppies foods when they are very young. 

Since any dog can eat a different amount on any given day we rarely measure their food making them eat one amount each day. The English bulldogs we purchased as adults only one is on measured feed. More exercise is working for every other dog, despite the fact they are said to "require" food limitations for weight control. 


Kim, my daughter has gone from a high end coorpertate world for 18 years, where she was the only female and also the youngest ever to be promoted to the position she held until being a stay at home mom summer 2017. I could not be more proud of my grown kids for being honest, kind, harding working members of society. 🙂

Since she was a child she trained our dogs, and the crazy horses we would bring home. She has more patience and more persistence then any person I have ever met. Absolutely perfect for training! Plus she loves animals and its all done with love and their best interest at heart.

Now that she has time she is going to train a limited number of horses in the basics of eventing for her instructor who has retired race horses. The horses can be hot headed, and are always a very sensitive lot. The horses just bloom under her riding!

We have had families getting our puppies ask if we can start housebreaking for them, or trained puppies. We just did not have the time to offer that service.

Kim has agreed to board and train any puppies/dogs from our kennel for clients who would like that service.

Puppies will be well socialized with children, other dogs, and cats. In addition they will be housebroken (or well started depending on age and how long the puppy is in training) taught to walk on a leash, crate trained, and learn "sit." $150, first week and $125. for each additional week, a fraction of what trainers, or boarding usually is.

She may be willing to board and train other puppies, but will have some age, and vaccinations requirements. Price may also be different. Older puppies and dogs are much harder to re-train then puppies are to start correctly. Plus since she has children, dogs, and cats she will not put any of them at risk if an older puppy, or dog is having aggression issues. ALL aggression issues are a direct result of a puppy, or dog not having the right guidance. Personalities are different, but respect for people is training.

I have heard great things about Kennelwood Villiage in St. Louis. Mo

​In Pasadena CA a client with one of our puppies has recommended and certified trainer who has a lot of experience and has done wonders with their Westie:
Szashe Rowland

Please feel free to email me any trainers who you have used and have done a great job. 

Canine Massage Therapist:

Ashley Edwards is a certified Canine and Equine massage therapist. It is wonderful for dogs in sports, and dogs recovering from injuries, or older dogs who are just stiff a sore. You should see them melt under her hands! 

​You can contact her directly at (217) 320-8971, 

or her Facebook page: Hands Of Love Equine & Cainine Massage Therapy

Custom Art Work:

Libbie Wright is an incredible "starving artist", not really starving. Her work is top notch. She can do whimsical and also  very detailed realistic work. She will do custom portraits of your new puppy or dog, besides has art in several mediums, and jewelry for sale. Please email: