Life on the Farm 2021

Hello!!! NO posts most of the year! See what Dreamcatcher Hill Puppies and Rescue (livestock) has done this year below!

November 2021! I did not realize I had not done any updates this whole year!

2021, started very short handed since covid we not only had an employee move out of state, Kim, my daughter who has been a huge help the last few years with paperwork and keeping me organized started helping her grandmother 2 or 3 days a week. So she went from 2 or 3 days here to only a day now only a few hours a week as the year has moved on.

Meanwhile Art and I were in the process of adopting a relatives baby at the start or the year. The mom decided to keep the baby. By statistics it is best for a baby to be with their mom and/ or dad. Since we had started on the road to adding children Art and I decided to fulfill a dream I have had for as long as I can remember of being a foster parent. The flys by so We jumped right in before we became even older.

We completed our foster parent training, (learned SO much all parents should take classes like these!!) We moved the office out of the spare bedroom and turned it back into a bedroom. We decided to foster/adopt older children who were at risk of aging out of the system would be our goal. Have you seen the movie ‘Instant Family’? ITs pretty accurate! We became foster parents in July 2021. It has been a roller coaster of appointments, and being reminded how active a child is who needs to do fun kid stuff.

Just prior to getting many calls for children needing a home in July Art had his gallbladder out in May. He had a long recovery, and was only up and running again a few weeks before we became parents. Since then, sadly his sister who lived here with us most of 2019 became ill, and passed in late August. Art is still having a very hard time dealing with this. Her sons were unable to deal with her apartment so we cleaned it out and everything they didn’t want ended up here. We have donated a lot of clothing. Arts not ready to go through much yet so we have boxes everywhere.

Art then developed a hernia in early November, it required surgery so I have been covering all his usual chores during his down times, off and on all year. Plus being a single parent as he is not able to parent, or help physically much yet.

I sincerely feel awful I have not been in contact with all the families getting puppies, or with puppies from us in the past who check in, send adorable photos, or need something. Our son, like all children, needs a parent/s so at this time his needs come first. I hope most people can understand how children really need someone present and adoring them above all else to grow up to be confident, caring adults. Some children need a lot. Unfortunately my family and friends didn’t take the classes we did that explains how children’s brains continue to grow, and may have started out missing things all humans need that can look different when its really a need that wasn’t met and growth that needs to occur yet. It takes a very long time too for all people to grow as it is, and we all know plenty of adults who still have not grown up to prove this point! 🙂

The new kennel started in late 2020 was on hold for awhile this summer. Kims husband, Justin, is doing a terrific job on it. They have started working on it again so hopefully we can start to use it in the next 1 to 2 months. It will save a lot of time with not needing to walk as many dogs and letting them all in and out 4 to 5 times a day. (The kennel will have lots of doggie doors so they can let themselves in and out as needed.) I will be able to do more silly hair cuts, and boring paperwork. Currently I have been clipping the fluffy dogs all pretty short to save on grooming time. I do see why most families really like a simple puppy cut! It Is so much easier!

Prayers everyone has had a good year, or is ale to cope with what all has been happening in the changing world. Also the more people step up to help children in need. I am shocked how many kids are needing families right in our own county. Its not easy, but the VERY best things in life never are!

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