Current puppies, when he has any are below.

They are bouncy, tail wagging, cuddle bugs,¬†the cutest things ever! Some of the cutest pictures I have taken too ūüôā

I don't know what is funnier, watching the pug puppies play, or Uncle Al playing with them at "recess!"‚Ä謆

Puppies are all born in our home, including Uncle Al's. They are wonderful caring moms!

When our moms retire we have them spayed and offer them to pet only homes for about half the cost of a puppy. 

Puppies adopted for a pet that are on agreement to be spayed or neutered between 5 and 6 months of age are $1400. to $1800. which includes microchipping. 

See the other pages:

"About our puppies," "what comes with your puppy", and "is a puppy really right for you."

If your not sure your up to a puppy and 10 to 18 years of care please consider fostering for a local rescue group to see if a puppy or dog is really right for you. Or maybe adopt a rescued adult Pug. Rescue is always the best! (Do your homework, since a rescued dog needs a home appropriate for their needs as much as a puppy.

A puppy is a very serious decision. 10 to 18 or more years of care and companionship. Please do not get a puppy or a dog if you have any hesitation about long term responsibility of a furry best friend. We love our puppies and dogs and only want them in a home where they will be a part of the family! 

If interested in a puppy please email or call. A puppy can be held with a¬†non-refundable deposit. Remainder due on pick up. Shipping is sometimes available although we prefer to meet new families. Page tabs at top of page for¬†specific information on shipping, pick up, puppy information, and/or please email if you any have questions.¬†‚ÄčWe love to talk puppies and dogs!

Pugs are heat and cold sensitive. Not at all able to go 'hiking in all weather' type of dog. Some are amazingly agile, fast, and athletic and do tolerate a wider range of temperature. Others are and are at risk of collapsing if overheated when simply out on a warm day and playing.

Many make terrific therapy dogs. They are very tolerant of children.

Current puppies available.

Also see below for moms due.

Diva and Boris had a HUGE litter!

Born 6-13-19.

They will be 8 weeks old 8-18-19

It has been a long time since any of our dogs has had 10 puppies. All were alive and are dong well. Diva is a great mom. We keep a few in a heated box and every 2 hours I have been making sure all the puppies nurse and swapping trading the biggest puppies. We leave the little ones with her nonstop so they can nurse anytime. It is a lot of work and I am exhausted. She had not had puppies in 1.5 years and I guess decided to have 2 litters worth at once!

Several puppies are available: White female, 2 black males, a black female and female brindle. Brindle male is grouped with Sallys, 2 of the 3 total brindle males are avaialble at the time of this update.

Photos at 1 week old and 2.5 weeks old

Sally and Chub have a big litter! I guess she was trying not to be outdone by Diva?

Born 6-14-19. They will be 8 weeks old 8-19-19.

She also had them late at night so I was up until 5am both making sure Diva's puppies nursed while keeping track of Sally.

She gets so excited she wags her tail and wants to lick them excessively at first, too wiggly to lay down and let them nurse, because they are crying and creeping about. I had to hold her down the first couple times so all the puppies could nurse. After they nursed the puppies were all quiet and she was no longer worried about them. She just loves her babies and can't stand for them to cry! Many moms dont pay any attention to the puppies crying. She is extra carfeul to not step, or lay on them.

Some of them are spoken for. 1 Fawn female and 2 of the 3 brindle males which are grouped with Diva's for choosing from are also available.

Photos at 2.5 weeks old!

Mom's Due! 

Both Sally and Diva had Puppies in June 2019. We aren't expecting any more puppies at this time.

I imagine Hilde or Doris will have first litters later this year when they are old enough.

Slide show are past puppies.