Current puppies, when he has any are below.

They are bouncy, tail wagging, cuddle bugs,¬†the cutest things ever! Some of the cutest pictures I have taken too ūüôā

I don't know what is funnier, watching the pug puppies play, or Uncle Al playing with them at "recess!"‚Ä謆

Puppies are all born in our home, including Uncle Al's. They are wonderful caring moms!

When our moms retire we have them spayed and offer them to pet only homes for about half the cost of a puppy. 

Puppies adopted for a pet that are on agreement to be spayed or neutered between 5 and 6 months of age are $1400. to $1800. which includes microchipping. 

See the other pages:

"About our puppies," "what comes with your puppy", and "is a puppy really right for you."

If your not sure your up to a puppy and 10 to 18 years of care please consider fostering for a local rescue group to see if a puppy or dog is really right for you. Or maybe adopt a rescued adult Pug. Rescue is always the best! (Do your homework, since a rescued dog needs a home appropriate for their needs as much as a puppy.

A puppy is a very serious decision. 10 to 18 or more years of care and companionship. Please do not get a puppy or a dog if you have any hesitation about long term responsibility of a furry best friend. We love our puppies and dogs and only want them in a home where they will be a part of the family! 

If interested in a puppy please email or call. A puppy can be held with a¬†non-refundable deposit. Remainder due on pick up. Shipping is available although we prefer to meet new families. Page tabs at top of page for¬†specific information on shipping, pick up, puppy information, and/or please email if you any have questions.¬†‚ÄčWe love to talk puppies and dogs!

Pugs are heat and cold sensitive. Not at all able to go hiking in all weather type of dog. Some are amazingly agile, fast, and athletic and do tolerate a wider range of temperature. Others are and are at risk of collapsing if overheated when simply out on a warm day and playing.

Many make terrific therapy dogs. They are very tolerant of children.

Current Litter's. Puppies available, keep scrolling down!

Also see below for moms due.

Bella and Cecil have 3 new fawn puppies born 5-28-18. 

Uncle Al may keep one of them as this is Bella's only litter with us, and she is being retired. He purchased her this spring with his new male. She is 6 the age we retire all the moms.

Photos coming soon! These are related to the father but not current puppies.

Dilly and Whitey/Tug have 2 fawn, and 2 white puppies born 6-1-18. 

Uncle Al will do DNA on the puppies an Dilly was deliberately bred to both males. We didn't know if Tug was fertile and knew Whitey was. The white puppies are his. He may keep one of the fawns sired by Tug since Tug is a totally different bloodline.

Photos coming soon! These are related to the mother but not current puppies.

Debbie and Tug have 2 fawn, 1 male and 1 female puppies born 6-15-18. 

They are adorable!

Photos coming soon! These are related to the mother but not current puppies.

Tilly, AKC White and Tug have 3 fawn male, and 1 black or silver female, and 1 black or sliver male puppies born 6-16-18. 

They are adorable!

Photos coming soon! These are related to the mother but not current puppies.

Mom's Due! 

Hank, the AKC male we had borrowed must have been sterile. None of the 3 girls bred to him last fall or winter had puppies. ūüôĀ

Uncle Al has another 2 litters due in June!

Uncle Al and I found a beautiful champion line fawn male. He doesn't carry white, but is so handsome its ok. He will add some terrific genes to his puppies. We expect them to all be fawn. I don't know if he carries black either. We will find out when we breed him to Diva.

Debbie and Diva have both come in season (April 2018). We hope to breed them to the new boy "Chub". The puppies will be fawn and maybe black. We skipped Diva but bred Debbie to "Chub" the new guy. He has not been able to breed on his own so we have had to do AI with him. It generally causes more to miss and/ or be smaller size litters. Debbie is found and pregnant!

Tilly has just come in season (late April.) Also breeding her to Chub. Uncle Al thinks she is not looking pregnant, but she's not due for a month yet. Tilly is getting very round she is certainly pregnant!

We didn't know if he would have a big selection of Pugs, or hardly any not knowing if Chub is very fertile. Apparently Chub is doing well!

Slide show are past puppies.