AKC French Bulldog Parents

Frenchie Parents, and Grandparents.

Still updating photos and information!

Parents are retired and available for adoption at 4 to 6 years old. They will be on the retired page when that happens. 

The Frenchie's are a whole family affair!

Several of the frenchies are actually my son's,  or daughter and son-inlaw's, and live with them, not here. They all come to visit often and bring them when they come over to work.

The moms all come to our house to have their puppies and stay until we are sure everyone is doing well and doesn't need 24/7 supervision. Then mom and babies can go back to their respective homes where they were sourly missed while over here! 

All our Frenchies have OFA eyes and hearts. Many have more testing done, working on updates.

AKC Merlin Jr., son of Merlin and Darla, full brother to Dolly. He is an adult now! He is OFA certified for hips, patellas, heart and eyes, just like his father Merlin, and his mother Darla! VERY few frenchies achieve that!

He grew up while we were building the little house for my mom and aunt. He loves attention but didn't get worked with much due to the circumstances. Amazing how fast he learned to walk on a leash now that their little house is done and we have our time back for working and playing with all the dogs.

He likes to be boisterous with the girls, and some of the girls aren't too happy playing with him. Now that he isn't a teenager anymore he is mellowing out.  He rarely seems to get too hot, excellent open airways!

ACA Dex. He is an adult now! He is OFA certified for hips, patellas, heart and eyes!

He has a wonderful temperament, freindly, happy and gets along terrific with most of the other dogs (only a couple dominant stud dogs he's not happy to hang out with.)

He is a cream pied and sires some adorable cream color puppies, all with his great cuddly personality.

AKC Tackleberry. A solid blue male. He is the newest stud dog, since we had daughters of our other boys we needed an unrelated male and wanted more blue color. He is Kim, my daughter, and Justin, son-in-law's baby. Brought him as a 3 year old stud dog who was shown, and is a Champion. He has OFA heart, eyes, and patellas plus is DM negative.

They have housebroken him and he is one of the "Pack" at their house. He has a terrific mellow personality! He is a Very handsome boy.

Photos from his first parade on Fourth of July.

A terrific mellow personality is a requirement for all our boys.

He can breed naturally, and all of his puppies have great blocky wide heads and super easy going personalities.

2 of his daughters we have done preliminary OFA and they passed hips and patellas, they also have OFA heart and eyes!

AKC Luke, blue merle male. He has OFA heart, eyes, hip prelims, and patella prelims.

He is one of the "Pack" at our house. He has a terrific mellow personality!

Even the mom dogs dont mind when he is around their babies, which is unheard of! They will let him sit with them even! He loves babies. He cleans them, sniffs them all over and sits with them any chance he gets, besides sticking his nose into all the pictures!

He climbed in the basket we had Sophies babies in for photos, and not only sat with them but gave any of the other dogs the "evil eye" for getting too close, protecting the puppies. Sophie acted happy someone else was watching the "littles" and wandered off.

We weren't sure about keeping another stud dog but since we retired his grandfather, Merlin, and his father, Merlin Jr both passed all OFA tests we figured it would be good to have another terrific stud in case anything happened to Merlin Jr. He was almost adopted out but for some reason he got car sick, and once there was scared of the husband. They returned him after just a couple days and took another puppy who has been perfect for them. We have since had Libbie take him home, Aryne take him home, taken him all over, to all kinds of places, and events without any problem, trying to find something that would trigger the same reaction and nothing we did worked. He was/is calm and relaxed with everything we tried. We will never know why he reacted scared there, but every person and very dog is different....

We love him and how great he is with all the different stud dogs who come in plus how great he is with the puppies and children. He likes to nibble on people trying to get them to play, and will climb in a lap if anyone looks like they will let him! He couldn't be any easier going.

He is also a littler guy.


AKC "Neel" means blue in India, our new stud dog prospect. A solid blue male with tan points! Since we had daughters of our other boys we needed an unrelated male to Tackleberry and wanted more blue color and to add tan points.

Like all our other boys he has a terrific personality, although not as mellow as the others! He wants to play with any of the other dogs. He has a bit longer nosed and wont have issues with breathing, or heat the way some do. We like dogs who can breath, run and play like a dog is suppose to be able too!

He is really unusual color, blue with tan points. He is athletic and able to breed naturally. He has nice open nostrils so can tolerate a wide range of temperatures much better then the extreme flat, mashed face, dogs, while being ABSOLUTELY adorable! You don't have to have extreme deformity to be the cutest thing ever! Justin's worker was here and seen all the dogs and said that is the best looking dog he has ever seen, pointing at Neel.

He has been bred to Loddy Doddy and we are keeping the smallest puppy, a fawn female, as she will carry blue and tan points, on a smaller body size.

Neel is getting to be a large boy (not uncommon for male frenchies.) If he keeps growing we may neuter him and adopt him out as a pet. I just love him and how he looks so its a dilemma. Please contact me if interested in him, or maybe a co-ownership.

AKC Razz. A blue sable male, who is blue, carries chocolate and also carriers tan points! He is our newest stud dog. Since we had daughters of our other boys we needed an unrelated male to Tackleberry and wanted more blue color, plus puppies with tan points. He has an extra short, beefy body type, all muscle!

Like all our other boys he has a terrific personality! He gets along great with our other dogs, even the stud dogs. We will need to watch him with visiting stud dogs as boys will be boys. Luke the merle in the photos is a future stud dog and the 2 boys get along great, most of the time.

He is really unusual color. He is 5 years old and has had beautiful puppies in the past. Thank you Amber and Justin for letting us adopt this wonderful boy!

AKC Fergie, daughter of Fiona and Brutus.

She is a super silly girl, much more laid back then her sister, Felicia, who can jump in the air doing twirls before landing.

Fergie is one of our smaller girls, super type, and extra cute.

Photos at the vets just before a c-section delivery, and then on the way home, still a bit groggy and sleepy. She had 6 puppies. Then more photos 5 weeks later when she's out running around enjoying getting away from the "kids" for awhile.

She will be retired after her next litter, probably fall winter 2019/2020

AKC FiFi was Arynes baby, also daughter to Fiona and Brutus. She's over a year old now, and just as cute. I need more photos!

Her boys love her and she is here often when Aryne is working. She loves to travel and go anywhere in the car. Photo of her playing with her first litter of puppies. she's a great mom and just loves to play with them.

She is also terrific with any other puppy so she is often kenneled with our young pups when they are weaned.

Aryne had a few big changes and has moved where she can only have 3 dogs, her old Cavalier, our retired mom Roxy who was her first ever dog, her young cavalier, Sophie, who she has had the next longest and Sonny her poodle. Unfortunately for Aryne and the boys Fifi now lives here.

AKC Dolly is daughter to Merlin and Darla, full sibling to Merlin Jr. In the photos she's a puppy, a teenager and then a very pregnant adult. Shes athletic with a great open airway. Both parents have OFA: hips, patellas, heart and eyes! We have not had her hips and patellas tested yet, she has OFA eyes and heart.

She is super cute and loves to play with Buckwheat, or Dex the most. She is energetic and plays rougher than some of the other girls like to play.

We took more photos when she was "big as a house" pregnant with her very first litter. She had 9!! Excellent mom and adores her babies. Even with 9 she is SO careful not to sit, or step on any of them. She didn't want her picture taken though so kept turning away from the camera so I don't have a good picture of her pretty face all grown up yet.


AKC Mrs. Meati, she lives with my son next door (across the 10 acre pasture) and often pops in to visit, or lately seems to have moved in! She likes to photo bomb other puppies pictures! She adores Aryne and does her best to not let her out of her sight when Aryne is here.

When she plays with the puppies, it seems more like she is using them as the "toy" and likes to drag them around. They don't always appreciate it, and we have to intervene. She loves the puppies and is terrific with the other dogs.

She's a smaller girl about 18 pounds. Her puppies all get her extra cute looks and have had terrific personalities.

AKC Karrie, lives with my daughter as her shadow. She's very pregnant in 2 of the photos, "helping" Kim do paperwork. She adores Kim , sleeps with her and loves to go anywhere Kim does, although not a fan of car rides if Kim gets in the car its worth it for her to jump in, she rides quitely in her seat and waits patiently for quick stops at the gas station.  At home the rest of her pack likes to ride in the side by side for rides in the woods, Karrie however prefers to get her exercise and follow along from a safe distance, she has more stamina than you would think with her laid back personality.

She is not as sensitive to heat because her nose is a bit longer, she can breathe great and gets to run around the farm and play as much as she wants. Her daughter Peanut is the same way. Even when its hot out they run around then jump in the baby pool to cool off, or head inside the house if they want air-conditioning, or are done playing.

We do breed for better open nostrils, breathing is important!!

AKC Peanut is also my daughter, Kim's, girl along with Peanuts mother, Karrie. She's just a pup in some photos. She is a merle color, like her father, Merlin, but the cream hides the color!

She goes everywhere with Kim's husband Justin and will jump in the car if she thinks its her turn to go. She is Justin's favorite dog as she is very playful, and goofy, she loves to cuddle and is very good at slowly pushing her way in to the best spot.

Photo of her as an adult with her buddy Tackleberry the blue,  she's also below in Blueberries photos, Blue and Peanut are best of friends and love to play hard, then nap.

AKC Blueberry Pie (blue merle), Peanut (cream) and Karrie( black brindle), live with my daughter Kim, son-in-law, Justin, and my 2 grandsons. Blue and Peanut are half grown puppies in the one photo.

"Blue" loves to travel and Kim brings her over whenever she's working and to dog friendly stores. She's a huge hit with not only being a French Bulldog and automatically extra cute, but because of her fabulous merle color. She's a littler Frenchie, just a bit bigger then Mora.

She likes to photo bomb the puppy pictures and is laying on the blanket in in front of the puppies so we got pictures of her too! Look at her eyes, she is so expressive and wonders why we want her out of the way! In another picture she's standing on the rocks over a puppy we were trying to get photos of! Most recent are photos with her and one of the puppies in her first litter. An adorable boy just like her!

AKC Corky, daughter of, Buster and Frenchie, (who is daughter to Suzie and Brutus.) She is OFA certified good Patellas, Hips, Eyes and Heart.

She has a really sweet easy going personality. Full littermate sister to Cressy.

She had her first litter and just loves her puppies and was so good with them you would have never known it was her first litter. We have to keep all squeak toys up when she has puppies. She like her sister, thinks someone is hurting a puppy and she goes nuts barking. When she doesn't have little puppies she doesn't mind the other dogs squeeking the toys near as much. If she hears a puppy crying, no matter when, she gets very upset and barks an alarm that something is wrong with a baby! More then once she has possibly saved a puppy when another mom was accidentally laying on a baby, causing the baby to gasp and cry. We heard her and looked for the problem, finding the puppy in time. She's a terrific girl!

AKC Cressy, daughter of Frenchie and Buster, Granddaughter to Suzie and Brutus.

She also has a really sweet easy going personality. Full littermate sister to Corky.

She's a really good mom and we have to put up all the dogs squeak toys when she has puppies, because when she hears one she jumps up and gets all agitated thinking the dogs are making a puppy cry!, just like her sister! Took us a day to figure out what the was upsetting her so much! Poor girl here she's trying to lay with her babies and then thinks the other dogs and hurting a puppy someplace. She's a really good girl.

AKC Willie Wonka, son of Buckwheat and Mora. He is a rare chocolate cream, super cute.

He has the most agreeable personality. We often have him out to play with even other male dogs and he is fine with everyone.

Cant wait until he is old enough to start siring puppies! We generally let our boys breed naturally if they are able to.

AKC Juniper Berry, and AKC Huckleberry, daughter and son of Mora and Tackelberry,

They also have a really sweet easy going personality like their parents, and half brother, Willie Wonka.

Juniper is just a puppy. Her mom had trouble with the c-section after she and her 2 brothers were born. The puppies were put with Karrie and Karrie's much older puppies. Karrie is such a loving mom she had no problem with us adding 3 more babies to her 3 and raising them like her own.

Juniper is adorable, outgoing and silly. We need some better photos, she is just a doll! She is getting bigger then expected, bigger then both brothers! Shes really laid back, so doesn't exert herself to be fit. Willie Wonka did the same, but now that he is mature he is muscular and fit.

We waited 6 months to decide which of the boys to keep. They both passed OFA hearts, eyes, prelims for patellas and hips!! We had figured one wouldn't pass something but they both did. So we couldn't use that for the decision. Finally decided to keep the more laid back of the 2 boys, even though he was bigger. They are both terrific, it was impossible to decide! Huckleberry can be a bit shy at first but he warms up fast and isn't as bouncy as his brother.

AKC Sweetmeat, daughter of Meati and Merlin. She is 1 of Keith's 3 frenchies.

She has a sweet, funny personality. Easy going, loves to follow Keith everywhere, even run after Keith when he takes the 4wheeler from our farm to his. (next door) She's very careful to just follow, while his rescued shepherds race ahead. She is incredibly fit and muscular with all the exercise she gets. Well bred frenchies can be athletic like any other dog!

I need some better photos! She had her first litter with Buckwheat, May 2019, and they are SO cute!! All of them were adopted really quickly.

We are working on getting OFA certification done on all the frenchies, of ours, and those who don't live here but we share a breeding program; daughter Kim and her husband Justin, and son Keith.

Frenchies really rarely all pass everything. The goal is to breed carefully to improve the health and physical well being of the next generation. If you remove all dogs from the breeding program who do not pass everything then you have limited the gene pool. When that happens more puppies will not pass as diversity helps them stay healthy. Its a balancing act. Think of Cheetahs, they are doomed to extinction because their diverse gene pool is gone.

We have more to test, or to send in yet. April 2018 and April 2017 eye and heart exams have not all been even mailed off to OFA, although the test paperwork is here. April 2019 went terrific, all our frenchies passed heart and eye exams! The cardiologist was very impressed!!!  🙂

Our vet's computer crashed in 2017, and they will not re-take, or re-do exams for hips and patellas which are in their computer but they had not been sent to OFA. Only now in 2019 has the computer been fixed and she has said she has a list but has not had time to find all the x-rays. We have been waiting a long time, but should be soon now. They wanted to charge us to do them over, and we just can't afford to do that.

So far those who have been tested and sent to OFA with all 4 passing results for Hips, eyes, hearts and patellas as follows. (the 4 things frenchies are recommended to be tested for)

Merlin, Merlin Jr, Loddy Doddy, Darla. More have been done and passed but I am working off the spread sheet Kim started but has not completed yet for even retired parents and any puppies we may keep back.

Several puppies have passed all 4 tests in prelim status too! (means they are not over 12 months for patellas, or over 24 months for hips to get actual certification. We are really excited about them doing so well!

Retired parents, grandparents.

I wish it was easier to put text on the photos. There is probably a way but I don't know what it is. The edit thing on the computer takes me about 15 to 30 minutes to add text to just one photo. I am technology challenged! Some dogs are in the slide show, and other are below with a note about each previous parent/grandparent.

AKC Brutus is a handsome boy who loves everyone! He is CH sired and has lots of Champions on his pedigree, plus all AKC approved colors for those who like sticking with only AKC show colors. He is really handsome!

Retired and in a pet home, father, grandfather, or great grandfather to some of the current puppies.

 He flops over on his back for belly rubs at any opportunity. 🙂 He loves attention! 

AKC Fiona, mother to; FiFi, Meati, and Fergie. She is Champion sired and has lots of champions on her pedigree.

Fiona is now retired and in a pet home.

Like the others she is a love bug. A friends special needs boy was visiting. Fiona hopped up on the couch next to him, wagging her tail gave him a kiss. He was petting her then grabbed a big handful of skin pinching her. She held very still as we rushed to pry his hand off and she never left, just gave him another kiss wanting to sit by him. Frenchies do have tough skin but also such a tolerant personality! She adores Kyvn! Fiona is extra special though and loves special needs people.

AKC Buckwheat, a chocolate brindle. He is a chunk and the sweetest ever. Just a pup in the fence. He is almost 1 year old in the other photos. He is a Very handsome boy! He has a lot of champions on his pedigree, and is CH sired.

Buckwheat has a really mellow personality. Not dog aggressive at all and even doesn't react much to the other male dogs. He is extra cuddly! OFA: patellas, heart and eyes.

We bought him as a sickly, scrawny puppy. Seeing his parents and his potential we got him anyway. Turned out the problem was major giardia, with some coccidia despite all the treatments he had prior to us getting him. Some medication, took awhile, but he has been fine ever since.

Giardia and coccidia is everywhere and is easy to treat with the right medication. Simply took a bit, plus going to our other vet who found what worked for him. He grew chunky right away despite being positive and loose stools for months with standard treatment from our regular vet. The other vet put him on "triple therapy" she called it. 3 meds every 8 hours, plus probiotics daily and in less then a week he was doing tons better. Treated him for a full month as his gut was so messed up for so long she wanted to be sure he had time to heal. She was going to test him for gut issues if her special remedy didn't work. So many dogs get labeled with IBS, leaky gut, or other things and it is really just the gut bacteria got off balance and was never treated with the right meds and probiotics long enough to get it back on track to fully heal.

It was worth it he is a doll, and is so handsome! His puppies are also super cute! Although they all are!!

Buckwheat sired a puppy born with a mild genetic problem twice (no effect on the pups health, or longevity, but we want to avoid producing puppies with any problems.) So he has sadly been neutered and is now living with one of our favorite veterinarians, along with one of his puppies. They just love him! He is terrific, We won't breed a dog who has produced a puppy with a genetic disorder. We did keep a couple of his daughters who are normal, he is terrific and has passed on his great personality and looks to them.

AKC Buster is a chunky happy guy.

Buster has been retired and adopted out. We had kept some of his daughters (Corky and Cressy. My son has Meati, Gamora and Nebula.) We couldn't really use him for breeding anymore. He loves people and is a easy going boy. Great temperament, which he passed on to his daughters! OFA: heart and eyes.

He is super cute. He has lots of champions on his pedigree, and is Champion sired!

Merlin has been retired, neutered and in a great home. AKC Merlin, an incredible blue merle color. OFA: hops, patellas heart and eyes!

I love unique colors and have spent a lot of time studying biology and color genetics. Merle color can happen in any breed of dog spontaneously, and it does. It is not an indicator of being a "mix breed someplace back there" as so many think and promote not understanding color genetics at all.

Anytime someone goes on about color for a breed and how it "has" to be a mix breed all it shows is they are uneducated about genetics and don't understand how genetics work. Genetics is so hard that some colors for some breeds,  are not even found in a typical lab test for color, because the breeds can have the color genes in different locations! Like chocolate in Frenchies is not in the same location as chocolate for any of the other breeds. So for someone to claim they are an expert and to say it "cant be" because it is proven that the breed never had that color in that breed in the past, when scientists cant even test for the color is very inaccurate and misleads even more people.

Merlin is athletic and from a line of health tested dogs. I need new photos he is just a teenager here! He is OFA certified for patellas, hips, eyes and heart. The 4 things they recommend testing for Frenchies.

He loves attention! He can jump amazingly high, and breeds naturally. I love the dogs who can breath and play, not so mashed face that they cant do such a basic necessity as breath easily! We want them to AKC standard in type but not to the point they cant breath.

Mora has been retired and adopted. AKC Mora, a very tiny girl! She was pitiful scrawny when we first purchased her. When we got her she developed several respiratory viruses which vaccinations are suppose to prevent, (diagnosed by the lab). She had records for being vaccinated, (was with a cheaper brand) and also had bad coccidia and giardia. Fortunately she's a tough little girl, and with medication, good food, and care she got over all of it pretty quickly. Its not uncommon for puppies to need treatment for something, they like to eat and taste anything! In all our years though we have never had a puppy or dog develop anything they were vaccinated for. Makes me wonder if it really wasn't done. She recovered fully and because we keep our dogs vaccinated it wasn't a problem for any of the other dogs, or puppies.

She is a favorite of about everyone who visits because she is so abnormally tiny, silly and happy, and like all our frenchies, she loves everybody. Nick name is "frog face". She usually lives downstairs with my Uncle Al. We have a walkout basement to a fenced yard for his dogs. He was a teacher and has "recess" with his pugs numerous times a day. She does stairs fine, but not as well as most, he loves her and uses the fact he has no stairs as an excuse why she should live downstairs with him. 🙂 She also gets along great with his pugs and doesn't play too rough like some of the frenchies do. She is very sweet.

Tragically her c-section came open 3 days after having puppies needing an emergency trip to VSS in St. Louis. They saved her! We were terrified it could happen again so she was spayed. She only had 2 litters of puppies.

We kept her son, Willie Wonka, a chocolate cream. His father is Buckwheat. We also kept a blue girl, Juniper, and her brother Huckleberry, who's father is Tackelberry.

She has OFA heart and eyes, we never had her hips and patellas checked, as she was adopted out before we realized it hadn't been done.

The 2 French Bulldogs who started it all!

Jewel and Trinket. I had a huge history on the old website but I think it got lost in the switch to the new website.

Trinket, the little almost all white puppy. We seen her and Art fell in love. She was all sassy, bouncing and stomping about barking, just like his Pomeranian, Jasmine. I thought she was one of the cutest things ever and the personality was just so funny.

Art has a video of pointing his finger at her scolding her for getting into the trash. She barked and stomped at him and then because she had learned the new trick to sit, sat down. She was sure since she sat everything was all good.

It was winter when we got them and her favorite place to sleep, was on top of any of the Shar Pei. They were warm soft and furry. The problem was she would climb on and slide down. They always cuddled to sleep.

Trinket kept getting sick. We had never had such a sickly puppy before. Finally we figured out the problem was an elongated soft palette that caused her to aspirate when she would run around playing. She would be breathing hard and inhale spit, basically. So we had it corrected and she was spayed. We found her a great home for her as a pet. Just loved her but we need to be able to have a breeding quality dog i order to have puppies, what we do best. We wont breed a dog who needs surgery to breath as many people do.

Jewel was 4 years old, (almost 5 years old) cowering in the corner. I felt so sorry for her and bought her because she was for sale, looked miserable and just beautiful at the same time!

She took 3 months to be comfortable being touched. Another few months before she was comfortable being picked up. She had never walked on a leash, or been housebroken. She learned all kinds of new things. She was so nervous around people. Very feisty with other dogs.

We thought she acted much more like a boston terrier and looked a little bit like one. She was dog aggressive, or at least very dog bossy and very hyper, nothing like the other 3 Frenchies we bought when we decided we needed a male to go with our 2 new girls. We sent off DNA for breed testing and it came back that she was a small bit Boston. So we decided she wasn't a good candidate for our new Frenchie breeding program either. Then she started falling down. Our vet took x-rays and did tests and couldn't figure out what was going on. they suspected she had a problem in her vertebrae that was causing the falling issues, and breathing problem. She ended up passing away before they could actually figure it out. It was just so sad. She only had 9 months of a loving home in over 5 years. 🙁