AKC French Bulldog Parents

Frenchie Parents

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Parents are retired and available for adoption at 4 to 6 years old. They will be on the retired page when that happens. 

Several of the frenchies are actually my son's, daughter's, or Aryne's and live with them. We have the stud dogs and a few of the moms here. They all come to our house to deliver puppies until we are sure everyone is doing well and doesn't need 24/7 supervision. Then mom and babies can go back to their respective homes where they were sourly missed while over here.

Brutus is a handsome boy who loves everyone. He flops over on his back for belly rubs at any opportunity. 

Buster is a chunky happy guy. We have to watch him closer then anyone in the heat as he is the most sensitive with his extra big wide head. He listens really well and is so sweet. I think all the frenchies are super sweet!! 

Merlin, and incredible blue merle color. He is athletic and from a line of health tested dogs. I need new photos he is just a teenager here. 

Merlin Jr. Son, of Merlin and Darla. I need new photos, he is a young adult now! 

Buckwheat, a chocolate brindle. He is a chunk and the sweetest ever. Just a pup in the fence. He is almost 1 year old in the other photos. He is a Very handsome boy!  

Fiona, mother to; FiFi, Fergie, and Felicia. Fiona will be retired 2018.

Mora, a very tiny girl! She was pitiful when we first purchased her. A favorite of about everyone who visits because she is so abnormally tiny. Nick name is "frog face" 🙂

FiFi is Arynes baby, daughter to Fiona and Brutus. She's almost a year old now, and just as cute. I need new photos.  

Dolly is daughter to Merlin and Darla, full sibling to Merlin Jr. She's a teenager here.  

Mrs. Meati, she lives with my son across the pasture and often pops into visit, and photo bombs other puppies pictures! She adores Aryne and does her best to not let her out of her sight.   

Karrie, lives with my daughter as her shadow. She's very pregnant in 2 of the photos, "helping" Kim do paperwork. She adores Kim , sleeps with her and loves to go anywhere Kim does.    

Peanut, is my daughter, Kims girl along with her mother Karrie. She's just a pup, but growing fast! 

Blueberry Pie (blue merle), Peanut (cream) and Karrie( black brindle), live with my daughter, son-in-law, and 2 grandsons. Blue and Peanut are puppies in the photo. 

Retired parents, grandparents.