See History of how we started with cavapoo/ cavoodle puppies bottom of page.

These are one of the favorites for families who want a minimal shedding dog capable of going about anywhere and keeping up with the family, plus oh so cuddly! They have a terrific happy, friendly, personality, smart so easy to train and of course adorable!

These are not Cavapoo, but SUPER cute! (see  litters below for cavapoo puppies.)

Myra, AKC cavalier, and Benny Hill, APRI Cocker Spaniel have new babies! Born 5-26-18.

She had 4 chubby puppies! 3 female and 1 male. Only male is a blue merle! They are sometimes called cockaleirs, being Cavalier/ Cocker Spaniel designer cross.

They are going to have adorable squishy faces like the spaniels and be easier to groom then a cocker with the added always sweet Cavalier personality!

Photos as they have grown.

The blue eyed merle, tan with a blue eye, and black and tan puppy are available at this time of this update.

Nala, AKC cavalier, and AKC Bubba, red poodle have new cava-poo babies! Born 6-9-18.

She has a bright black and tan male, 3 red males, and a red female, and a black with bit of white female.

All the puppies are spoken for!

Robin, AKC cavalier, and Bubba, AKC red poodle have new cava-poo babies! Born 6-23-18.

She has 4 red males! We have deposits on 2 at the time of the update, 2 are available.

Photo at 2 days old. The white puppies are Westies. Robin is fostering 4 westie puppies, she is such a great mom!

Mom's due! 

Sophie, is bred to Bubba. The whole litter will be red, may have a bit of white markings. She is due in August.

Lana has been bred to Cappuccino and they could be a variety of colors, including merle, red, cream, black, black and tan and any could have lots of minimal white. She is due in August.

June has been bred to Bubba, the puppies will all be red, due in August. May have a bit of white markings.

We are also going to have a AKC purebred litter of Poodles! Bubba and Fancy are due in September. Could be red, cream, merle or black 🙂


These adorable Cava-Poo's were our first litter. We wanted to keep them both, they are as soft as angora goat hair, and sweet happy puppies! They were born 4-30-16, and have both gone to forever homes.

We get to see Teddy, now Baxter, off and on. They adopted one of Nala and Bubbas girls July 2018 because they love Teddy/Baxter so much! 

We loved the cavapoo puppies so much we worked to find wonderful AKC poodles to breed them regularly.

The coat is the silkiest, softest ever and no matting! I brushed them for the first time at 10 weeks old worried it would be tangled, even though it has never felt like they needed brushing, it wasn't matted at all. Only took a few minutes! I am so impressed! 

They are real live teddy bear's. 🙂 We had started to keep both boys, but we have just too much going on at the moment and it really didn't make sense to keep them, as much as we had fallen in love! Their new families are really happy they were able to adopt them. 

The first generation cross of Cavalier to poodle is what gives you the consistent, super cute look, and reduces the chance the most of any genetic problems from either breed. (called F1) Hybrid vigor is a well know term, but it mostly refers only to a first generation cross, and only when the parents do not have the same problem. 

They don't shed at all, or so little you cant tell more then a poodle. They are claimed to be hypo-allergenic due to the poodle half, but only a purebred hypo-allergenic dog is truly hypo-allergenic.  

Their mother was AKC Cavalier, Lana, daughter of Nala and Quanah, both are CHIC certified. She weighs only 9 pounds and why we wanted to breed her to a tiny male. 

Sire was a silver 4.5 pound poodle. He was 9 years old, no health problems at all. We had him neutered and adopted as a pet due to a previous injury we discovered he had prior to us getting him.

After seeing these 2 puppies and falling in love with them we were crushed it was going to be the only litter of Cava-Poos from the little 4.5 pound poodle male.  

We loved the cross so much we adopted a poodle baby in September 2016. Bubba is from a quality breeder who has great AKC registered, health tested, adorable poodles. 

My mom, 80 years old and still has red hair! Thought it was so funny when I realized she and the cava-poo, Teddy, matched!

Here they are at 14 weeks old. I just Love Cava-Poo! 

This, tiny guy, is Bubba as a puppy, next to older Cavapoo, "Teddy". Bubba is our red AKC toy poodle, See poodle parent page for more on Bubba! He is now grown and our Cava-Poo sire. 

Teddy, a 1st generation Cava-Poo, on the left, and Baby Bubba on the right. Bubba is almost 3 months old and Teddy is 6 months old.

Teddy in his new home as an adult, ready for a ride on a motorcycle.